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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Digital Transfer

Print Your Perfect Promotional Merchandise

Here at Outstanding Branding, we’re experts at personalising promotional products and clothing with corporate branding, and one of our most popular methods of doing this is through digital transfer, or digital printing.

From t-shirts and hoodies to mugs and notebooks, digitally transferred logos can be applied to just about any item of branded merchandise, creating an effective promotional product to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Outstanding Branding Promotional t-shirt

What is Digital Transfer?

The digital transfer technique has the ability to reproduce high quality, photographic images and designs which may be too complex for screen printing. It is also the preferred method for transferring designs onto materials which may not be as receptive to other methods of branding.

Digital transfer printing is suitable for replicating both small and large multicoloured logos which require a varied colour palette - something which may not always be achievable through screen printing or alternative techniques.

Widely used in the commercial and promotional products industry, digital transfer printing is an industry standard, reliable technique which achieves sharp, detailed designs with a professional look.

The Digital Transfer Process

Products can be printed via the digital transfer method, which completes the printing job in two key parts.

Unlike most methods of putting a design onto an item, the digital transfer process initially requires your logo or branding design to be printed on paper. Specifically, your imagery will be printed onto special transfer paper, a product that is usually made up of paper coated with a type of wax.

After your design has been printed onto this transfer paper, a machine called a plotter will cut around the design, using a mapped out path created using software such as Adobe Illustrator. Once the design has been printed and cut out, the second part of the job is the transfer.

At this point, the cut out design is placed onto the object, usually a fabric, with the printed side pressed against the branding position. The back of the paper is pushed into the item, with a set level of heat and pressure used to apply the design to the product. 

The Benefits of Digital Transfer

Digital transfer printing is a great way of applying designs that may be considered too complex for other methods, and is one of the most popular options for fabric-based items such as clothing and bags.

There’s little margin for error when using digital transfer printing. If cut out correctly, the full design is easily transferable, with an equally flat and heated surface pressing down on it with precision, ensuring the whole print goes across to the item with no damage.

It’s a tried and tested, proven method of branding that provides high quality results, leaving you with a strong piece of branded merchandise, that is sure to make a lasting impact on the recipients.

digital transfer printing

The History of Digital Transfer

Heat transfer prints can be dated back to the 60s and 70s on items such as cheque books, vinyl covers and glasses cases. This was revolutionary for the industry as prior to the neatness of heat transfer printing, printers would have to navigate messy wet inks to produce printed products.

Unlike its screen printing counterpart, which has roots in ancient Asian culture, digital transfer printing only dates back as far as the early 1980s when it replaced analog screen printing as a prominent branding method on an industrial scale. The industry has since grown in tandem with the digital revolution, and shows no sign of slowing down - in fact, in 2015 the global digital transfer printing industry was valued at around US$7.5B.

The introduction of the dye-sublimation printer onto the market in the early 1990s meant it was possible for companies to produce prints on mass using low energy sublimation inks.

New digital transfer systems and processes are constantly being introduced, as well as new products to help make these processes easier and the end products sharper. In 2019 most processes are fully digital, meaning printers can work wonders with your logo to generate a bespoke print that can be transferred onto a product or garment of your choice. Similarly, the range of products is always growing so printing companies are adapting to ensure they can print onto miscellaneous items.

Digital Transfer Printed Promotional Products

We stock a wide range of products suitable for digital transfer printing, the most popular of which is a selection of high quality clothing that can be used as a company uniform for day to day work or as promotion at an event.

As transfer printing is generally superior in quality due to the brighter and bolder nature of the result, we find that textile items such as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are often sought after.

The product has to be able to withstand the heat so some plastics are a no-go. However, that isn’t to say that stationery can’t be used for transfer printing. Paper and card notebooks, for example, work perfectly.

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