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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands


Personal Promotional Products

Engraved bar of gold on a black box

Here at Outstanding Branding, we offer many different methods of promotional product personalisation such as engraving. Our state of the art laser engraving machines produce consistently high quality logo placement on a variety of different products.

Ideal for giveaways, prizes or gifts for valuable clients, laser engraved branded merchandise is the ultimate way to get your brand in front of people with the use of unique, professional looking promotional items.

With our laser engraving service we can ensure clean, legible and flawless results each and every time with effective engraving of your corporate logo, business name, tag line, contact details or anything else you wish to add to your chosen products.

What is Engraving?

Engraving uses laser technology to essentially make a mark on a product, and in the case of branded merchandise, this will typically be in the form of the desired business logo, usually accompanied by promotional text or company information.

Laser engraving achieves a different overall look to branding other techniques such as digital printing, as the process requires the lasers to remove part of the product’s surface to essentially carve into the material, producing a mark which can be seen and felt as opposed to the design being overlaid onto the item.

Our engraving service can be used on a wide range of promotional products including stationery such as metal pens, or technology items like personalised USB sticks.

The Engraving Process

As with all types of branding process, the engraving begins with your design, whether it’s a logo or something more detailed, being sent across to us.

From there, our laser engraving machine will take over, using software to map out the direction of the laser. Specifically, the outline of your image will be used to engrave the selected object, and unlike other methods doesn’t use colours. The laser removes the surface of the material, leaving the different colour or texture underneath as the means of displaying the design.

This type of process works best on specific materials, with products made from wood, metal, glass and plastic among the most suitable for getting good results.

The Benefits of Engraving

Engraving is a method of branding that is cost-effective, fast and efficient with regards to the process, but has a really premium feel on the end product.

Engraving is used on most high end items, to give a classy feeling finish, while still being an effective form of brand marketing.

It’s the perfect way of making a long lasting impression, with a special promotional gift that will definitely feel a cut above the average.

The History of Engraving

‘People’ have been scraping illustrations and communications onto cave walls and tree trunks since some of the earliest signs of humanity.

In fact, the earliest evidence of such ‘engraving’ dates back around 500,000 years to when early humans would engrave patterns onto chiselled ostrich shells. The upper paleolithic era saw the beginning of engraving into bone and ivory as a form of art called petroglyphs.

Early resemblements of a more modern engraving process originate from the Rhine valley in Germany, around the mid 15th century. 

In the 20th century, copper-plate engraving was revitalised as a serious art form by the printmakers Josef Hecht and Stanley William Hayter, and some artists and draftsmen continue to produce engravings for their original artistic value.

With the inventions of pneumatic systems that aided engravers, the art and techniques of hand-engraving have become more accessible and ultimately viable as a method of branding a promotional product.

Engraved Promotional Products

Outstanding Branding offer a high quality engraving service for a wide range of promotional products, particularly branded stationery and technology. Metal pens for example work fantastically with stencilled engraving, while some tech products such as USBs will carry an engraved logo.

This service is useful for companies looking to target groups or individuals with a prize or gift, or companies looking to get their brand message out into their current or new markets.

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