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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Product Compliance

Keeping you ethically safe and confident

80% of marketers cited compliance as a major reason for buying a particular promotional product, but only 5% of them could explain what compliance is.

Source:  British Promotional Merchandise Association

What is Compliance?

Promotional Merchandise compliancy is the transparency at which products are manufactured and delivered through the supply chain; from the plant to the consumer.  Compliance is important because it ensures both quality and ethical standards for every product your brand purchases.


How can you tell what you’re buying is Compliant?

Poor product labelling causes most of the issues for compliance in the food industry.  Food manufacturers are required to make the consumer aware of any allergens contained in the product.  To make sure that we’re buying from compliant suppliers, #teamOB requires proof of a factory and manufacturing audit, performed by a third party auditor. 

The same holds true for physical products, too.  #teamOB can provide a technical file which manages the product through its life cycle.  This confirms all products are safe, non-toxic and produced to legislative specification. 


What you need to know.

Having a great partner like #teamOB gives you peace of mind when purchasing promotional merchandise.  We make sure all our partners adopt ethical and socially responsible manufacturing processes.

For more information on promotional merchandise compliance, please contact any of our experts at #teamOB.


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