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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Promotional Highlighters

Promotional pens have long been one of the most popular forms of branding. However, if you’re looking for something slightly different yet just as effective, our range of promotional highlighters is ideal.

Fun, colourful and striking, they tick every box. Using these in your next campaign is going to get your business noticed.

How to best utilise promotional highlighters.

Giving away pens in a promotional campaign has its merits, but highlighters add an extra element of flair to the campaign. Our range of promotional highlights come in a variety of eye catching colour sets, and in many different shapes and sizes. These items are not only useful, but also fun to look at.

As highlighters have a longer lifespan than writing pens you can be sure that they will provide you brand exposure over a very long period of time, providing a fantastic reurn on your investment! As well as their pleasing colours, many of our highlighter bodies come in interesting shapes that the serial fidgeters in any office will be transfixed by for hours on end.

Please take the time to browse the range and find the perfect promotional highlighter for your next campaign.


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