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10 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to add into your Marketing Campaign

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10 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to add into your Marketing Campaign

The green movement is well and truly underway, and now more than at any other point in marketing history, customers have an appreciation and demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products and practices.

Here at Outstanding Branding we have been embracing the steps forward by introducing more-and-more eco-friendly products to our ranges.

The focus here is on products that provide value through their sustainability, and the beauty is that they’re all really easy to implement into your marketing campaign. Read on for ten ways you can play your part.


eco-friendly promotional bags

Branded bags can be one of the most powerful marketing tools to help increase brand awareness, and they’re perfect for all types of businesses.

Following the UK plastic bag charge in 2015, we’ve seen a huge increase in people opting to use reusable tote bags or shopper bags in day-to-day life. There’s good reason for this - they’re handy, lightweight and kinder to the environment.

Having your logo branded on a reusable bag is a great, cost-effective marketing method for your business. Every time someone uses it, they essentially become a walking billboard - extending its reach to hundreds, if not thousands more people.

Here at Outstanding Branding we stock a fantastic range of eco-friendly bags, from cotton canvas totes to those made from recycled non-woven polypropylene. Providing people with an eco-friendly promotional product highlights your values as a company, and your dedication to helping the environment can go a long way with brand reputability.

The versatility of a tote bag makes them the perfect giveaway at conferences & events where they can be used to carry away other promotional items, and are always well received as a gift to customers and staff alike.

Writing equipment

eco-friendly branded pens and pencils

Branded stationery will always be a promotional product favourite. Everyone loves a free pen and pencil - they’re an inexpensive advertising solution for the company, and a useful tool for the recipient.

You’ve got the chance to be one step ahead of your competitors with our selection of eco-friendly writing instruments. This includes a selection of pens, pencils and highlighter pens all made from recycled materials. All of these tools can be highly customised with your logo and contact details.

This is a great way to get your brand name out there, whilst also impressing potential clients with your commitment to the environment. Customers can be more drawn towards environmentally conscious brands, so when you can turn a simple yet highly valued promotional gift such as a pen into an eco-friendly tool , there’s really no need to opt for their non-biodegradable counterparts instead. It’s simple things like this, that help to make the big changes.

Notebooks & Notepads

eco-friendly paper and notepads

In a 2017 publication by WorkMobile, it was found that each worker in the UK uses on average 45 pieces of paper a day, with two-thirds of that considered as waste. Despite the ongoing attempts by many businesses to implement a paperless process, this is still the case in many offices, and is having a detrimental impact on the environment every day.

While we understand that it may not always be possible for businesses to completely eradicate their paper usage, there is a way to help reduce its environmental impact. Our range of eco-friendly paper products includes recycled notebooks and notepads, made from recycled card and paper.

These products are perfect for those workers who find it essential to make notes or have a notepad handy at all times, and can now do so in the knowledge that they are also doing their bit for the environment with thanks to you, the company who provided them.

Solar Chargers

eco-friendly promotional solar chargers

Fossil fuels currently account for around 80% of the world’s total energy consumption (The World Bank Data.) This can’t continue at the current rate, and while the signs of progress are there, we all know there’s more we can do.

Unlike the conventional fossil fuel dependent power sources, solar produces no harmful emissions that impact the environment. It is a clean, renewable energy source.

At Outstanding Branding we offer solar powered outdoor chargers as part of our extensive eco-friendly range. These entirely solar-powered devices help users to avoid using a fossil-fueled power source. The solar panels collect power from the sun throughout the day, this is then converted into electricity for users to harness on-the-go.

They are capable of charging a wide variety of devices including mobile phones, iPods, MSPs and PDAs - making them a flexible choice of eco-friendly technology, and a green promotional product with mileage.

USB Hubs

promotional USB Hubs

The USB C Hub allows for upstream charging, downstream charging and data transfer all from the same source.

At a time where humans are beginning to wake up to the need to make changes, this eco-friendly promotional product removes the need for three separate devices plugged into three mains sockets - instead, everything is channeled through the hub.

The hub is crafted with a recycled aluminium casing as opposed to plastic, utilising renewable materials as opposed to the increasingly defunct plastic which is produced from oil and natural gas.


eco-friendly branded coasters

Coasters are great. Not only do they protect furniture from the underside of drinkware, but they are a nice piece of decoration and, as a promotional product, possess a sound brandable surface area.

From an eco-friendly perspective, the problem with coasters has always been that most are not recyclable. They have very much been a one-use-only promotional product, and in 2018, we find that customers are searching for items with better life-spans and better environmental impacts. Outstanding Branding offer two solutions to this conundrum: a Brite-Mat Coaster and a Recycled Glass option.

The Brite-Mat Coaster is produced 100% from recycled plastics with a non skid backing, wipe clean non-reflective surface and A1 colour printability. In comparison to the typical coaster that is binned post-use, Brite-Mat products can be wiped clean for greater longevity.

Similarly, coasters produced from recycled glass are ethical and possess a life span that makes them a really strong promotional investment. They can be taken from event to event and reused for the same purpose, or gifted to prospective clients for a positive, green impression on your business.

Refillable Water Bottles

promotional refillable water bottles

It’s been well documented recently just how much damage plastic pollution can cause, with stats showing approximately 8 million pieces of plastic making their way into oceans every day, and more than 150 plastic bottles littered across each mile of UK beaches. This comes from numerous sources, with a big contributor being the consistent one-time use of plastic water bottles. It’s key that this is something we cut down on, and one way we can do this is by swapping our purchases of bottled water, for a refillable bottle.

Whether you want to encourage your own workforce to cut down, or send an environmentally friendly gift to potential clients, we stock a range of stylish water bottles, all fully brandable with your logo and colours. From your typical sports bottles, to more innovative creations such as foldable bottles and hideaway bottles, there’s something for everyone to help cut down on plastic waste.


promotional eco-friendly travel mugs

For other drinking options, such as mugs and cups, you can still ensure you’re helping cut down on harmful pollutants when preparing your brand marketing products.

Something commonly found in plastics is BPA, which stands for Bisphenol A. This is a chemical that is used in the industrial production of plastics, and has been in use for nearly five decades. Plastic is always considered harmful for the environment, but BPA goes a step further, causing health worries, with reports of a link between the chemical and a number of illnesses such as breast cancer and heart disease. Although the exact effect of BPA on humans hasn’t been determined, it’s something that numerous health bodies have been investigating.

As such, our range of eco-friendly merchandise includes a selection of travel mugs, all of which are completely BPA free. We currently stock four designs, all of which come with branding options including logo printing and full colour wraps.


promotional confectionery and fair trade chocolate

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? It’s even sweeter when you receive it for free! This is why confectionery is a great choice for promotional merchandise, with gifting it to prospective clients and contacts something always likely to make a lasting impression.

Our confectionery range is more eco-friendly than it’s ever been, with a new range of eco pots. These are pots made from plant materials that are fully compostable within 12 weeks, and can be filled with tasty treats including Skittles, Millions, and Mint Imperials, before being sealed by a sticker with your branding on.

Our confectionery also includes an ethical fairly traded chocolate bar, that ensures you give back to cocoa-growing communities, while delivering a strong statement to clients with a memorable branded treat.

Other great eco-friendly gifts

Eco-friendly promotional merchandise

Not everything can be categorised as well as the above, which is why we have several other high quality, eco-friendly gifts that don’t quite fit in.

For example, we stock promotional merchandise that can help you to save energy. Rather than plug your phone into a power socket, you can now charge it up using solar energy, with the Outdoor SolarCharger.

Another great way of saving energy is by using a dynamo powered torch, rather than one that requires batteries or charging. The Beech Torch is powered by winding a crank that generates the electricity needed to power the LED lights, and can be sold with your company logo printed on it.

The list really does have something for everyone, with Outstanding Branding even stocking the Alive and Kicking football, part of a scheme that supports ethical employment in Kenya, with every 600 balls produced keeping a Kenyan stitcher in employment for a year. These balls are available in a range of colours to match your branding, for a unique and worthwhile piece of merchandise.

Adding sustainable, eco-friendly products into your marketing campaign is far more than just a fad to increase your brand reputation. The positive impact they have on the environment is one that has strength in numbers, and by joining other businesses in thinking ahead you can help become part of a change for the better.

If you’re considering ordering an eco-friendly promotional product or want to discuss anything in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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