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5 Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2016

Posted By: Holly Burgess
5 Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2016

Here at Outstanding Branding we understand that promoting your brand and building brand awareness is increasingly important. In an era full of advertising and clever marketing techniques, businesses are forever competing for the top spot within their industries.

There are hundreds of methods to help your brand improve and be noticed, but how many have your team utilised over the years? Here we take a look at some innovative and exciting ways to push your brand to the next level in the new year.

Hold an event

One of the best ways to grab attention is to hold an exciting event. Whether it is just a social event to gather together your clients and prospects, or a themed event such as a Christmas party, it is something different and encourages your customers to attend if they have done, or are thinking about doing, business with you at some point!
An event allows real ‘face time’ with your potential customers and offers a solid opportunity for them to experience the look, feel and personality of your brand first-hand.

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Push your products into the limelight

If you have the capacity to organise a competition or giveaway, take advantage of it. Not only is this a way to put your product directly in the hands of the consumer, therefore automatically enhancing your brand awareness, but it can also ensure the recipient is a walking billboard if your product is useful and can be used in public, such as a tote bag or headphones.

promotional tote bag


People will react much more positively to something that has been tailored to themselves. Make consumers interact more by using personalisation, whether it is through your content marketing or even products. A personal touch can encourage consumers either to stay on board, or come on board with you in the first place.
A survey done by the British Promotional Merchandise Association in 2014 showed that 89% of participants would keep a promotional product if it was useful to them. Likewise, the same survey revealed that 89% of participants had a promotional pen on their desks at the time, while 65% had a promotional mug.

Be present in unexpected places

The key to promoting your brand is to be present where you expect your customers to be. Placing subtle branded products or logos on the mugs in cafes or on balls in bowling alleys would be a creative way to catch a potential customer’s eye, without pushing the brand aggressively under the nose of your consumer.

Trend grabbing

Get involved in an event or a trend that is sweeping the nation. By checking social media, or being aware of sporting events like the Rugby World Cup or Olympics, you can cash in on the nation’s interests. If you can relate a big event to your business, prepare relevant materials that will help you stand out.

If you’re looking for promotional products to help promote your brand, contact us today to see what we could do for you!

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