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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

6 Ways to Utilise your Branded Merchandise

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6 Ways to Utilise your Branded Merchandise

Even once you’ve waded through the wide variety of promotional products available to you, it can be hard to determine the most effective way to implement your merchandise into a campaign.

This month’s blog post discusses some examples of promotional product utilisation done correctly. Here are our favourite ways to utilise branded merchandise.

Tradeshow giveaways

If your company regularly exhibits at trade shows and conferences, promotional merchandise is a great way to make a lasting impact on those who stop at your stand.

We previously talked about the numerous ways in which you can make your exhibition space stand out at trade shows, highlighting the need for fun, interactivity, and above all, great giveaways.

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The days of handing out solely business cards and leaflets at trade shows are long gone, and companies need to make a bigger effort to ensure they make an impact amongst the hundreds of other exhibitors on show.

First of all, attracting people to make time to speak to your team and explore your stand is key, and having low-cost, effective branded merchandise on offer can often be an attraction. Something as simple as a branded pen might be enough to grab someone’s attention and approach your team.

But it doesn’t stop there. You might have got their attention, but how can you ensure they remember your brand and details after the show? It’s a good time to step up your level of merchandising - move from free pens to more premium gifts, such as branded electronics or high quality notebooks. These gifts are extremely likely to be retained and used by the recipient, continuously exposing your brand and marketing information to them. These gifts are ideal for handing out to potential leads who show a good interest, and are a definite step up from the simple, dated business card.

Trade show exhibition

Social media competition

Social media can play a major part in any marketing campaign, and the results of a well-driven content strategy across all of your social platforms can be phenomenal. With over 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin you’ve essentially got a very cost-effective way to reach out to over 45% of the world’s total population.

With that being said, we know that it can be difficult to encourage engagement from your audience. Unfortunately, posting great content isn’t always going to drive the actions you want from your followers and without offering them something in return, chances are they’ll simply read your post and continue to scroll. This is why competitions usually perform very well on social media, as everyone loves free stuff!

So, if you’ve tried and tested the traditional methods of handing out your promotional goods at events and gifting them to customers, it might be time to get creative and launch a social media competition to win your merchandise.

Tie it in with a new product launch or a company anniversary and you’ve got a great piece of social media content with an incentive for your audience. While you can’t officially ask followers to share your competition in order to be entered, it often creates a sort of domino effect - after performing the desired action needed for entry, users tend to hit the share button and before you know it, it’s being shared by their friends, and friends of friends, and the entries come flooding in. Your competition and company profile could just go viral!

Think carefully about your target audience when choosing your giveaway products, what will be most appealing to them? For some useful ideas, promotional technology products are always sought after, highly valued gifts and there are some great budget friendly options available. Alternatively, why not put together a treat box full of delicious promotional confectionery? A cost-effective way to keep your followers sweet!

Seasonal packs

Taking advantage of current events is a great way to incorporate branded merchandise into your marketing campaigns. If anything, it provides a reason behind the giveaway - you’re not spontaneously handing out free goods as it’s all themed and relevant at that time.

Seasonal marketing campaigns are a great way to boost your sales, as it’s no secret that holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween are some of the most profitable times of the year for businesses. Jumping on to the back of these occasions helps to keep your marketing message fresh throughout the year and provides the opportunity to giveaway fun, relevant promotional products that you wouldn’t otherwise consider for your main advertising campaigns.

From promotional Easter eggs to Christmas biscuit tins, there are some fantastic budget-friendly options to get your branding in front of your audience with a thoughtful gift and a simple, friendly “Merry Christmas” message. It’s the small things like this that people are really appreciative of, and certainly scores some brownie points for your company.

The way to approach your seasonal marketing is entirely depending on your objective, but whether you’re sending seasonal wishes to existing customers or hoping to win new business, it’s a gesture that’s sure to make an impact. One thing to keep in mind is to prepare for the seasonal rush - ensure you’ve planned ahead in plenty of time to get there first and beat your competitors to the chance.

Postal campaign

Direct mail campaigns are a golden opportunity to reach your target market in an innovative and creative way. They often require a lot of testing and fine tuning to maximise their effectiveness, but once every thing is in place and you have determined the right products for the right business types, you will be flying.

So how do you run a successful campaign?

Marketers focus on one, or a combination of these end objectives when running direct mail campaigns:

  • Increased awareness of the brand
  • Increased enquiries / generated leads
  • Increased sales

This is a key variable when establishing a campaign as it can determine what types of products you use, as well as the direction you take the accompanying copy that goes alongside it.

The next variable to consider is who you’re trying to make an impact on. Your target market. Direct mail campaigns will be at their absolute best when they’re targeted to specific, relevant industries as this allows for your messaging to be highly focused. You can also select promotional products that relate to the sector of your choice, for example, we recently discussed the most effective promotional products to be utilised in sports industries. This is one of the fundamental ways to avoid wastage and increase the response rate of the campaign.

Brandable sports bottle

With regards to costs, it often pays to focus on lightweight, easy to pack items that guarantee lower postage fees. Minimising these outgoings can increase the budget to widen the scope of the campaign. Lightweight promotional products include:

  • Stationery
  • Notepads
  • Bottle openers
  • Mouse mats
  • Bookmarks
  • USBs

If you have the data in place, you could explore personalising your promotional products based on the name of the person or business you are targeting as part of the campaign. Personalisation is proven to up the response rate as it establishes a stronger link between the brand you are marketing for, and the end-recipient.

Direct mail campaigns generate a response rate of between 1% and 5% and you will, of course, want to be closer to the five than the one. Other ways to improve your response rate include:

  • Offer incentives to generate more responses, in the form of discounts and early-bird offers
  • Evaluate the response rates of different sets of promotional products, and recalibrate your campaigns to use the products that present themselves as the most effective
  • Coordinate your campaign away from problematic times of the year, such as the first week back after Christmas and short, Bank Holiday working weeks

Gift to your staff and clients alike

Sometimes we get so caught up with trying to win new business through the medium of promotional products, that we forget the value of using them to further establish relationships that are already there.

The idea that ‘everybody loves a freebie’ is, indeed, true and your staff will always be happy to receive a gift - especially if it represents your appreciation for the work they do. Merchandise with day-to-day practical uses always go down well here, products like reusable coffee cups, water bottles, rucksacks and clothing are usually the most well received.

With your staff in possession of products like these, you will soon find that they are flying the flag for your business when they leave the office at the end of the day. If they’re using branded coffee cups on the commute to and from work, your logo will be seen. If they’re taking their branded sweatshirt to the gym, your logo will be seen there too. It’s a neat way of expanding your visibility whilst simultaneously rewarding your staff.

Similarly, these same promotional products can be gifted to your clients as a means of thanking them for their continued custom.

On-brand internal use

Your branded merchandise doesn’t always have to be distributed externally to customers and potential new leads. As mentioned above, they can be gifted to members of your team, but they can also be used internally.

Office stationery, including pens and paper products, can be fully branded up to help you maintain an on-brand image within your premises, making staff members feel a part of your company as they use items including folders, notebooks and planners.

Branded clothing is another perfect example, with options available not just for gifts, but for creating a branded up uniform. Workwear such as coats, high-vis jackets, and aprons are all available to have logos printed on, perfect for creating a uniform across multiple industries. Branded hoodies, jackets and t-shirts are also great options for bringing casual team-wear into your business.

Looking to invest in high quality promotional merchandise to grow your marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you out.

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