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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

9 Promotional Products for the Hospitality Industry

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9 Promotional Products for the Hospitality Industry

It’s always important for the hospitality industry to sell and showcase themselves, it’s what brings the customers back and converts them into regulars. There are many types of promotional products that could be used to increase retention and engagement with your restaurant, bar, hotel and so on.

However, we’ve narrowed the shortlist down to the most effective and exciting products - here's what we think the hospitality industry needs more of!

Promotional Drinkware

Starting with the basics, any professional food & drink establishment should at least consider stocking their own branded drinkware for events, gifts or even the day to day orders that come into the bar and kitchen.

Our promotional drinkware range features an extensive range of products, with something to suit every occasion and requirement. Here are a couple of offerings in more detail.

Promotional Mugs

Perfect for adding a personalised aesthetic to cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, printed mugs are a fantastic way of cementing your brand in the mind of the customer. There’s also a sense of professionalism that comes with your hot beverage being served in a branded mug, it suggests to the customer that you take pride in all aspects of the business - even the crockery is considered!

If you’re looking to build a brand around your establishment then this can be a fantastic tactic, one that has been utilised by American roadside diners for decades. Customers may opt to take their mug home, and this will then be used by guests in the future, increasing the reach of the product enormously. They almost become collectables.

If you’re looking to have some printed mugs produced for your business then you’re definitely in the right place. At Outstanding Branding we boast a broad and varied collection of mug types. Not only do we stock a wide range of ceramic mugs, but can also provide reusable travel mugs for an eco-friendly option.

Browse the full range here.

branded promotional mug

Promotional Glassware

Our promotional glassware range is perfect for adding a high quality touch of personalisation to bars and restaurants.

Branding isn’t limited to just coffee mugs - you can ensure your logo takes centre stage when you serve customers alcoholic drinks, with the branding process on our glass products leaving you with a premium, classy finish.

For those serving beers or ciders, we have brandable stern tankards and pint glasses available, while our range also includes whisky tumblers, wine glasses, and champagne flutes.

Engraving is our main method of branding glassware, with the process being cost-effective and quick, but providing results of an excellent quality.

Branded Cooler Bags

A great way for food and drink manufacturers to keep their brand at the forefront of their customer’s minds is to continue the positive association between their branding and the enjoyment of eating or drinking, even if the customer is consuming another manufacturer’s product. Branded cooler bags offer this positive association in a way that many other products can’t as they have an actual impact on how enjoyable the food or drink inside them is.

Any potential customer seeing your logo as they relax with an ice cold beer, or dig into a lovely helping of cool fresh fruit is going to build a positive association with your company, and might just choose your product next time they fill up the cooler bag.

Not only are cooler bags a highly effective promotional tool because of their use to the customer, they are also a large item which can be easily branded with your artwork and provides an excellent mobile billboard when being carried about. Here at Outstanding Branding we carry both the Arvika and Griffin cooler bags, which are both available in a variety of bright and garish colours that are sure to catch the eye and can be printed with your logos and branding on all 4 sides and on the lid.

cooler bag

Printed T-shirts

Perhaps one of the most popular promotional products across the hospitality industry, branded t-shirts are a low-cost yet highly effective marketing tool.

When serving the public, it’s crucial that your staff look the part and are easily recognisable to customers. By having each team member sporting a t-shirt printed with your logo, this instantly creates a more professional and corporate reputation for your business, whilst making it easy for customers to identify staff members should they need assistance.

Due to the large branding area available on a t-shirt, it also provides ample opportunity to get your business name out there to the wider public, not just inside the workplace, but outside too. Chances are, your staff will be wearing their branded t-shirt on the commute to and from the workplace, and any time they leave the premises during the working day. Printed with a large logo, it would be quite difficult for passers-by and anyone they come into contact with to not notice your branding. Your staff will become a walking advertisement without even knowing it!

Wearing branded company uniforms is actually a great way to boost staff morale, too. Subconsciously, it gives employees a real sense of belonging to a team, and in turn can help to push them to work harder and uphold the standards set by the company whilst wearing the uniform. 

Here at Outstanding Branding, we have a fantastic range of promotional t-shirts available in a selection of colours, styles and sizes, all ready to be branded with your corporate logo.

Browse our range of printed t-shirts here.

Amazon Prime Day t-shirts

Printed Badges & Lanyards

Carrying on from that, when we think about ways of ensuring staff are instantly recognisable in the workplace, there are accessories that can compliment t-shirts or polo shirts perfectly.

When it comes to hospitality in the food and drink industry, customers need to know that you’re organised and professional in how you operate. By giving each member of staff a personalised name badge to wear you are helping customers not only to better understand who it is they are talking to, but also what role that person plays within the establishment.

Name badges can actually increase the time it takes for customers to be served, or gain the information they need from a member of staff, as the badges make them more recognisable. More generally, they just add a degree of professionalism to the overall appearance of your workforce - and show customers how much importance you place on transparency and communication.

Some food and drink establishments may opt for lanyards, and these can be branded too. Again, they make staff members more recognisable particularly if you choose a striking colour. Our lanyards can be sublimation printed with your branding and logo to keep things on brand, as with the name bages.

Just take a look around the next time you’re in McDonalds. You won’t find a member of staff that isn’t identifiable by name badge. It’s a method that many establishments should look to follow.


Branded Face Masks

With the current pandemic the world is in right now, face masks are absolutely essential when travelling in public areas or going into shops. So why not hospitality industries create branded face masks for all their customers they get every day? Not only are they helping the country help prevent the spread of COVID 19, but they’re increasing their brands visibility by potentially printing their brand onto the face mask their lovely customers will wear.

Furthermore, the branded face masks don’t even cost too much money and they’re available at a very reasonable price. For example at Outstanding Branding we sell branded face masks which can come in boxes of 10 or individually, whatever you’d prefer, the price will always work out in your favour.

Paper Bags

Promotional campaigns are a great way to reinvent how the public sees your business, and one of the areas where customers are now expecting to see change is in sustainability. This makes promotional paper bags an excellent way to interact with potential customers and leave them with a positive impression of your business.

At Outstanding Branding we offer a selection of Hardwick Kraft paper bags in both white or neutral brown. Available in smooth or ribbed paper and with twisted paper handles, our bags provide the perfect host for a green rejuvenation campaign that will give your branding great exposure.

paper bag and face mask

Bottle Openers

Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that make the biggest impact, and this is one of the reasons why promotional bottle openers are high up there with one of the best promotional products for the food and drink industry.

Being such a commonly used household item, you’d be hard pushed trying to find somebody who hasn’t been in need of a bottle opener before. They’re one of those products that not everyone wants to buy for themselves, but when it’s gifted, it always comes in handy.

Custom bottle openers resonate particularly well with the hospitality industry due to the nature of the product, and are often handed out at pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants. Printed with your logo, they are an effective reminder of your business and its products/services with each and every time a new bottle is opened.

Versatile in design, there are a whole host of different style branded bottle openers available to allow you to create a unique product that stands out from the crowd. From credit card styles to custom shapes and keyring bottle openers to ensure safe keeping, check out our range of custom bottle openers here.


Not only are coasters affordable purchases but they surprisingly drive more sales into your business than you’d think. There have been many studies where coasters have made more sales than billboards across vast cities. Yes they are cheap but they last an incredibly long time which makes the replacement costs so low and you can customize their size and shape to best suit your brand's needs.

Coasters are a simple and effective way of promoting your brand and you can get very creative with it. For example, you don’t have to just put your brand logo on there, you could put a slogan, add lots of imagery on them. Anything visually appealing to the younger audience will love this as they will just post about it all online and that’ll lead to them putting your brand across their social media and more.

coffee mug and coaster


While those in the sports industry might be suited to using items such as branded footballs in their promotional merchandise campaigns, a great gift for businesses in food and drink to utilise is something actually edible.

We stock a wide range of confectionary gifts, perfect for leaving a lasting impression with plenty of branding options available to get your name out there.

Our range starts with smaller, pocket-size gifts, including miniature tins of mints, with some larger options including boxes and tubs of sweets, and a selection of jelly bean products.

We also offer larger gifts, such as luxury chocolate boxes, and tins of delicious biscuits.

Overall, a tasty treat will always go down well when given as a gift, and with branding options available, you’ll have a memorable impact that can help to deliver you a great return-on-investment.

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