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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

9 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Trade Show Stand

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9 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Trade Show Stand

You've got your branded merchandise, now what?

Branded merchandise is an extremely useful marketing tool, perfect for a range of uses and events. Whether you’re sending it out as part of a promotional pack to potential customers, or want to hand it out to attendees of events such as conferences and trade shows, a great branded gift is always guaranteed to make an impact.

Trade show

For those operating a stand at a trade show or business convention, some promotional merchandise is something definitely worth taking along with you, but how do you get people to your stand so you can flaunt it? Trade shows will always pack a large crowd, so you don’t have to worry about a potential lack of footfall, but it’s where that footfall goes that can be a problem. You’ll be amongst many other similar looking stands, and with such a large number present, why should attendees come to your stall over another? It’s key for you to stand out from the crowd, and we’ve come up with some great tips to help you do just that:

Give away something unusual

Freebies have become almost a necessity of trade show stands, and it’s unlikely that many people will be walking out empty handed once the event is over. Sure, you can play it safe and stick to the old favourites of pens, notebooks or mugs - but where’s the originality in that? These types of gifts will already be in abundance, so now is your chance to think outside the box and stand out from the crowd, with more exciting freebies.

Free chocolate can be a great gift at trade shows

By no means do you need to completely exhaust your budget on expensive giveaways - as something as simple as free chocolate will do the trick! Not many people turn their nose up at free food, and what better way to boost everyone’s energy throughout the day than with a quick sweet fix? Even better, looking at fairtrade products for this kind of thing will emphasise your company’s ethics and leave a good impression on potential clients.

Great ideas for unique branded giveaways:

Have a fun, interactive booth

Depending on your business offerings, this might not always be the easiest to apply to your stand. However, if you can find a way to make your product or service interactive, we’d highly recommend doing so.

Interactive elements such as touch screens are always an audience pleaser, and a great way to get a crowd gathered around your display stands. Not only do they generate a large amount of interest, but it’s the perfect way to give potential customers a real feel for your products/services, and get a better understanding of what you’re offering.

Another great addition to your stand is offering complimentary wifi to attendees. Connectivity usually isn’t great at places like this, so you’ll score a few brownie points if you’re offering super-speed connections to those visiting your stand. A way of gaining out of this is to offer free accounts that prompts the user to login via a splash page, resulting in gathering contact information to generate possible leads.

Carefully consider a theme/design

At trade show events, first impressions are everything. Consumers are very much drawn to visual aesthetics, so the overall look of your stand could determine whether they do or don’t approach it. It’s important to invest a great deal of time and effort into deciding on a suitable theme for your stand which will reflect your company in the best possible light.

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Experiment and get creative with banners, signage, product displays, screens, sound, lighting, furnishings and anything else which might just give you the edge over your competitors. Although focusing on a great looking design is key, it’s important to still communicate your message across clearly - whether that be sales, marketing or your corporate image - in a friendly, welcoming way.

Attract attention with videos

Expanding on our previous point about drawing customers in using visual elements, videos are a great way of doing so.

Producing a cool looking, professional video about your company or products and displaying it on a big screen is enough to make passers-by stop and take notice. It’s more than likely going to hold their attention for a little longer than someone simply standing up and talking, and with a video interesting enough, chances are they’ll stick around to find out more.

Advertise your presence before the event

Before you go to the event, it’s important that everyone knows you’re attending. Include it in your email marketing, shout about it on your social media accounts, and maybe even put together a quick post for your website. There’s a chance a number of your followers may be attending the event, especially if it’s local, and after seeing your promotion of it, might make an extra effort to see you there.

Tradeshow stalls and booths

It might not sound like the most logical of ideas at first, but it’s also a great move to invite your existing clients. Of course, trade shows and business conventions are primarily about getting your name out there in an attempt to attract some new customers, but there’s still a lot to be gained from those who have already used your business. If you invite or even buy tickets for your existing clients to showcase them your new products and services, their already strong relationship with your company means they’re very likely to purchase from you again. Advertising your presence and maybe even paying for your clients to attend means you’re going to have some outgoing costs, but the return that you’re extremely likely to receive makes it all worth it.

Sweeten the deal

Discounts always help when it comes to sealing the deal; creating a one-time-offer designed solely for the purpose of the trade show can help you generate more leads. Special offers generate a buzz around your trade show and believe us, if there’s genuine value in your discount then it will be a talking point between peers on the day. Implementing one or two of the ideas in this article may have been enough to grab the interest of a passer by, so being able to offer a solid deal on your services could be the added extra that gets you over the line.

By the same token, the last thing you want is to harm your brand by underselling yourself to a great extent. Take the time to strongly consider an offer or deal that presents value to both both yourself and potential customers alike. Don’t join the race to the bottom in an attempt to sell your services to a bargain bin shopper.

Discounts and deals at Trade Shows

Of course, another thing to consider here is how you go about presenting the offer itself. In the digital age, do you really want to be offering a discount in the form of a coupon or a leaflet? We would argue that this isn’t necessary. Why not promote the offer on a digital message board? While the costs may be higher, there’s much more mileage here as you can use the board at future trade shows for different offers.

Demonstrate your services

Does your business offer a physical product, or services that can be demonstrated live? This is the perfect opportunity to let your work do the talking, as opposed to talking about your work! There are a number of ways you can approach demonstrating your product or services at a tradeshow.

The first would be to perform demos as and when the opportunities arise. This works well in the sense that you have the freedom to pick and choose based on the size of the crowd at any given time, but therein lies the problem - you want to build a decent sized crowd. Therefore, we would recommend advertising select demo times throughout the day. Using a branded sign to do so helps to cement your company image, too!

Another option would be to continually demo a service throughout the day. This could work really well if you are looking to promote graphic design services, for example. To make the most out of this, we suggest hooking up a PC / Mac to a screen for an ongoing insight into your craft.

Live product demonstrations

Photo opportunities are powerful

We’re living in the era of the selfie, you might as well embrace it as part of your trade show and offer passers by the opportunity to document their day by hopping into a photobooth or using a branded picture frame. This is the perfect way to entice the average trade show attendee, who may have had no previous interest in your product or services, into engaging with your brand

This works better when it’s jovial, so provide some props for people to use as part of the fun. Wearable items are the standard here. If you want to take it a step further, you could look into booking a character of some sort to get involved in the photo process.

Trade show exhibition

How do you maximise the effectiveness of this for your business? Well, make sure your photo frame or printouts include the relevant trade show hashtag for a start. Integrating this with social media is essential if you truly want to draw attention to your stand. Plus, this will help you to develop a relationship with potential customers even if they don’t make an initial purchase. You’re acquiring them as a social media follower first and this link cannot be underestimated.

Put in the work beforehand

Work towards a successful, attractive trade show stand starts months in advance. They are a huge investment in your business exposure, and they are an investment that you make with plenty of time in hand. This gives you an ample opportunity to perfect a trade show strategy that truly draws the attention of the crowd.

If possible, you can set up your stall in your office and practice your demos to employees or colleagues. We don’t recommend going in to a trade show blind! Take the time before the event to get a feel for how things might go at the event itself. You’ll be able to suss out what feels right and what to scrap.

Practice isn’t the only thing to consider before a trade show. You can put in some groundwork to spread the word before the day. Running promotion on the run up to an event can help drive attendance and participation at your booth. The increased awareness can be a big factor as potential customers already have a small familiarity with your brand and, more importantly, what you have going on throughout the trade show.

Getting your trade show stand right requires a mix of innovative, engaging, and attractive ideas, but once they’re implemented, you can expect an increased footfall of potential new clients. If you’re planning an event and need some great promotional merchandise to really send a memorable message out to attendees, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Outstanding Branding are promotional merchandise specialists, offering a range of fully brandable gifts perfect for events like these, including stationery, confectionery, technology and more.

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