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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Branded Merchandise in Education: The best 'back to school' products

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Branded Merchandise in Education: The best 'back to school' products

Well, it’s that time of year again!

Students and teachers alike are preparing for the return to another academic year, and with this comes an opportunity for businesses within the education sector to make their mark with thoughtful, useful promotional products.

From playgroups to sixth forms and everything in between, branded merchandise can be utilised to increase brand exposure and heighten school spirit with exciting free giveaways, fundraisers or intake days.

Different types of schools will appreciate different types of products, and with that in mind, you can read on for the best branded merchandise regardless of the age group you are targeting.


You won’t get far in school without a pen, and whether you’re targeting students or teachers with your promotional merchandise, they’ll make a handy, effective addition to your campaign.

There’s a wide range of choices available when choosing pens for your branding, from colourful, eye-catching plastic pens to premium feel, classy looking metal pens.

If you’re looking at making a bigger impact, you can combine the pen with other items, with our selection of branded pen sets. These sets mean your choice of pen will be stored in a branded gift box, usually with other items such as pencils, paper products, and other types of stationery.

We also stock pens produced by several well known stationery manufacturers, including great looking BIC pens, stylish Prodir pens, and bespoke Senator pens.

The thing all of our pens have in common, is the high tailorability of their branding options. Most of our pens are available in a wide range of colours, ensuring a choice that will match your brand, while you can print your logo and branding message in prominent positions that will ensure you make a strong impact.


Nothing beats good old fashioned pen and paper, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever spot a student without a notebook or ten in their bag. It’s one of those essentials that nobody really wants to purchase with their own money, so a promotional notebook always makes a great freebie.

There is an extensive range of different notebooks available to suit all budgets and requirements, and with an array of personalisation options they offer a great opportunity to bring your corporate branding to the forefront.

Full colour notebooks are a great option for adding your own brand related imagery to the full front cover to really make an impact. Take advantage of this branding area by using a fun, eye-catching image to capture the interest of a younger audience.

Full colour promotional notebooks

For more subtle branding, something along the lines of the Kiel A5 notebook works great when targeted towards older students who may not be as receptive to more in-your-face advertising but still appreciate a high-quality, branded gift.

Our range includes notebooks with lined or plain paper, and sets that contain sticky notes or pens so you have a great range of options to best tailor them to your target audience. If you’re not quite sure which one to go for - get in touch with us and our team will be happy to help you out.

Browse our full range of promotional notebooks here.


Rulers always come in handy for a variety of different things - whether that be to measure accurately in maths or draw straight, neat lines in art lessons - you’d be pretty lost without one in your pencil case.

The great thing about promotional rulers is that they offer a fantastic sized branding area to include your corporate logo and any important details, so they serve as a daily reminder of your business on each and every use.

There’s an impressive offering of different types of rulers nowadays, from foldable rulers that can extend or be made into a nice compact size, to rulers with in-built calculators - an excellent two-in-one promotional gift for high school students who don’t want to carry around both.

Promotional rulers

For a ruler with a fun twist, younger school children would love these flexi star shaped rulers, a stand-out gift offering a great way to make learning more exciting! If different is what you’re looking for, there is also a ruler made with sticky notes for another great two-in-one piece of educational merchandise.

Browse our full range of promotional rulers here.


Promotional pens will forever be a classic piece of branded merchandise, but why not upgrade that to am highlighter instead?

Fun, colourful and practical - they tick all the right boxes for an effective piece of promotional merchandise. Useful in many different ways, from highlighting important sections in class to making revision notes more interesting to read, everyone will appreciate the gift of a highlighter.

There are tons of different promotional highlighters available including those that come in a variety of different shapes such as flowers, triangles and stars - offering all of your different highlighter colours in one handy pen. These types of highlighters are perfect to brand with your corporate logo and include it as part of a back-to-school goody bag full of essentials.

Flower shaped 5 colour promotional highlighter pen

For a stand alone gift, we have some quite impressive highlighter sets and even a mini highlighter pot to take your educational merchandise game to the next level. Perfect for making an impact at a budget-friendly cost.

Browse our full range of promotional highlighters here.

Memory Sticks

Although cloud computing is becoming more and more commonplace, some schools still may be outdated in the technology area. While homework completed on a PC at home can be submitted to a teacher via email or printed off, coursework isn’t as easy to work on without the cloud. A lot of coursework can consist of several documents, and will often need to be worked on both at home and in school or college.

Without cloud computing, this can be a nightmare, so a free memory stick will be a much appreciated, useful gift! We stock a range of brandable USB memory sticks, including the standard stick format, and those that are cleverly concealed within under products.

Branded USB memory sticks

For example, we have a ballpen with a flash drive hidden at the end of it, and also an A6 notebook with a built in USB stick.

No matter what you choose, there’s plenty of prominent space for you to add your logo and branding.


Calculators will always be useful additions to the classroom, and whether your campaign is targeting the school itself, who can hand out the equipment to students, or is aimed at the younger audience in particular, there’s plenty to choose from to suit your aims.

Flip screen brandable calculator

Our calculator range has many options to match different budgets, from pocket sized calculators, to larger desk calculators. For a great piece of school merchandise, we also brand a calculator built into a ruler - a great two in one option. We also have a flip screen option that allows a very prominent branding placement.


For students in the upper levels of education, particularly sixth forms, colleges and universities, there comes a time when you are so inundated with documents and notes that you have no choice but to organise them.

Folders such as the Smart-Binder can do just that, giving students the relief of being able to keep all of their loose papers in one place with the added benefit of separating them into subjects with dividers.

Brandable folders

As the workload naturally increases the further up the education pyramid you travel, it’s only right that students take the time to file their work in a more professional manner. Being more organised, and taking pride in what you do, are things that are synonymous with higher education after all. Plus, students absolutely love a freebie, and you’ll be adored for saving them a trip to the stationery shop.

Having your branding and logo carried around a campus is a massive impression winner, and the brand appreciation you are sure to gain by supplying such a useful gift makes folders a must-stock for higher education giveaways.

Browse our full range of branded folders here.


Keeping with a similar focus area, students in their late teenage years (and beyond) will be sure to appreciate forms of promotional drinkware as they head back to their places of education. Similarly, this merchandise type can be gifted to teachers and lecturers who will no doubt need their morning coffee!

We always recommend travel mugs as an ideal starting point here as they can be used:

  • During the travel commute by both students and teachers alike.
  • During lessons or lectures.
  • Away from the educational sector and in the recipients day-to-day life. Promotional drinkware has a wide usage scope and it won’t take long for your branding to pop up at the gym or on a hike.

Branded travel mugs

Reducing the consumption of single use plastic is a huge issue that the planet faces at the moment, and reusable drinkware is one of the leading combatants of this. As if saving the planet wasn’t enough, businesses are now providing plenty of incentives; for example, if you take your reusable travel mug into certain coffee shops you will receive a discount.

Placing your branding on a helpful product with eco-friendly benefits is something that is sure to resonate with your target audience and improve your brand perception.

If you want to take a full look into our branded drinkware range, which also includes mugs and glassware, then click here.


We’ll all remember just how much we had to carry into school every day, highlighting the need for a good, sturdy school bag.

A strong rucksack is perfect for things such as all of the books and papers a student needs each day, and our promotional rucksack range has great options for various campaigns. Our rucksacks are made by various reputable manufacturers, including Eastpak and Under Armour, and feature several storage options and useful solutions.

Branded rucksacks

We also have a range of useful sports style drawstring bags, with large prominent areas to add your branding to a product that could be used for things such as PE kits and footwear.

For those teachers who bring a laptop into school each day, and carry it from classroom to classroom, a branded laptop bag makes a perfect promotional gift.


If you’re looking for a product that you can buy in bulk with a low CPU but high promotional impact, then bookmarks could be the one for you.

For businesses that are looking to target the earlier years of the education system then bookmarks can be especially useful, as they make an impression on both children and adults alike.

Promotional bookmarks

By that, we mean that the original recipient ie. the child can be gifted with a fun and engaging tool to accompany them in their reading exploits, whilst their parents will also notice the product and be no doubt impressed by your business’ work in promoting children to read. This will improve the perception of your brand across parents who you may be targeting as part of your marketing campaign.

Bookmarks are generally available in a wide range of materials and colours, ensuring you can pick a product that compliments your branding. Learn more here.

Want to find out more about what we do at Outstanding Branding, or how we can work with you to improve your promotional product marketing? Speak to our team now by calling 020 3142 6700 or click here to send us a message.

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