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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Branded Merchandise in Sport: The Best Products for the Sector

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Branded Merchandise in Sport: The Best Products for the Sector

Different promotional products lend themselves to different industries, and this is something we discussed back in November 2018 with our article on the most effective merchandise for a wide range of sectors including construction, marketing, health, and education.

But what about if you run a gym or a sports club? What sorts of merchandise should you be utilising as a part of an overall marketing campaign, and how can you implement these products into activities that increase the awareness of your business or club?

Here are some of the best promotional products for the sports industry.


Brandable sports bottle

Hydration is one of the keys to success in any sport. Before, during or after exercise it is essential that fluids are taken on to regulate body temperature as well as replace lost bodily fluids & electrolytes.

It makes perfect sense to invest in promotional drinkware with this in mind. Promotional sports bottles are everywhere you look when you go to the gym. Each is printed with a sports club crest or gym logo and this exposure is easy to tap into. This is a market that can be tapped into no matter what industry sector your business falls into, as long as you have employees that are involved in sport they will be able to fly the flag for you.

Over the past few years, we have seen a massive shift away from single-use plastic bottles as part of a global effort to become more environmentally friendly. Reusable bottles are cost-effective and aid in helping the planet, investing in some yourself will reflect positively on your business.


Anyone who is regularly active, heading to the gym or playing football for example, are going to need a bag, so adding your branding to a range of them means you’ve got your hands on some great sport branded merchandise.

We have a large selection of high quality rucksacks and duffel bags, perfect not just for taking to the gym, but also for travelling. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning there’s something for everyone, but they all have one thing in common - they make for great, premium branded merchandise. All products have an eye-catching branding area, with a good space for adding your logo and branding.

A drawstring bag is also smaller option, also perfect for use within sports. They’re the perfect size to carry a spare pair of trainers, or hold any other small bits and bobs you need for your training session. Again, these are all fully brandable with the intention of using them as promotional gifts in the sports sector.

Headphones & Speakers

Promotional headphones for sports

No matter whether they are long distance running, lifting weights or at a yoga class, people will always need a soundtrack for their exercise.

At Outstanding Branding, we stock a varied range of promotional headphones and speakers to ensure that different purposes are met.

The Xoopar Ring Earbuds, for example, boast a sporty wireless in-ear design that lends them perfectly to activity in the gym. Similar to those are the TrueSounds Earbuds. Both of these products can be selected in a colour that reflects your company branding, and there is a subtle printing area for your logo, too.

For those who prefer their musical motivation on the louder side, we recommend the Xoopar GEO Speaker. The beauty of this Bluetooth device is having the flexibility to take your exercise on the go. This can be especially valuable if you are a personal trainer, or run an exercise class, as no matter where you are running your session you will be able to provide the relevant soundtrack.


Sports clothing is always going to be a popular option, and with a wide range of clothes available for branding, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

A promotional t-shirt is a great choice for any event you might be organising. Not only can your branded up t-shirts be a perfect gift for any attendees, but they can also be worn by your team for the duration to stay truly on-brand. Our T-shirt range includes high quality products from North Face, Under Armour, and Fruit of the Loom amongst others.

A brandable jacket or hoodie is another great merchandise idea in the sports sector, while a polo shirt is absolutely perfect for those who keep active. Our polo shirt range includes performance products from sports specialists Under Armour, and designs produced by Nike.

Golf balls & accessories

Corporate golfing days provide the perfect networking opportunities for many businesses, and such events wouldn’t be complete without some great, high quality golfing merchandise.

Promotional golf balls are a popular choice for those looking to give their customers a useful, practical gift to use when they next tee off. A box of branded golf balls offers both quality and quantity, a worthwhile investment to see your logo scattered around the course. Here at Outstanding Branding, we offer only the highest quality golf balls from top brands such as TaylorMade, Titliest, Callaway and more, with advantageous branding space for the finishing touch.

With a fantastic range of other branded golf accessories also available, there are endless opportunities to really make sure your company’s image is at the forefront. It couldn’t be easier to get your customers fully equipped for their next golf day with branded tees, forks, divot tools, ball markers, gloves, bags and many more. With great options to suit all budgets, you’re on to a winner and your customers are sure to love their new golfing gifts next time they enjoy a game.

Check out our full range of branded golf products here.

Sports Technology

To really stand out over your competitors, some unique and innovative brandable technology will go a long way.

For example, a pedometer is always a fun way of keeping track of how active you are on a daily basis, easily attachable to yourself to keep a count of your steps. The Carmel Pedometer is a cost-effective, colourful option with space on the front to add your logo, while the Get-Fit Pedometer Smart Watch is a more premium option, also counting burnt calories, and being shipped in a branded display box.

Something that anybody involved in sport can tell you is just how important it is to stay hydrated. This is something the Ulla Smart Water Bottle can do, a unique gadget that will start blinking when you haven’t drank from your water bottle for half an hour. It’s easily attachable to any glass or bottle, and is fully brandable with your logo and branding.

Footballs/Rugby balls

Promotional footballs and rugby balls

For a successful promotional sports campaign, you need some effective merchandise to appeal to your target audience. Branded footballs/rugby balls are the ideal tool for driving interest from sports clubs, schools, colleges and health and fitness industries.

Practical merchandise such as footballs are guaranteed to grab interest from the recipient, as they always come in handy for sports teams or a quick kick around at play time. Longevity exceeds some more traditional methods of branded merchandise, as they are seen as more of a valuable product as opposed to a throw away item.

Promotional footballs and rugby balls work to spread your advertising message and increase brand awareness due to the impressive branding space available. With such a large branding area, you have the freedom to incorporate logos, key messages and any other important information over the entire surface. The perfect way to ensure your branding can be seen from every angle!


Perfect for use during a workout session, a fitness towel can make a great addition to your branded merchandise campaign in the sports sector.

One of the most popular towels in our range, the Alpha Fitness Towel, is designed to be super absorbent, and cooling when saturated. Of course, there’s a large space to add your logo to create a highly effective promotional sporting gift.


Brandable personalised trophies and awards

It is common for sports clubs to host awards evenings at the end of their respective seasons. Investing in professional, authentic trophies helps to add a touch of class to these occasions while keeping the event on-brand by emblazoning each one with the personality of your club, gym or team.

At Outstanding Branding our branded awards can be personalised with logos and branding, as well as the recipient’s name and award information.

There's a valuable long term benefit to these awards. With their retention duration being so high the cost-per-impression can be incredibly low. Many of these awards may take pride and place on a mantelpiece, bookshelf or windowsill and serve as a constant reminder of the recipient's participation in your sports work.

It also helps sports leaders to show how much they value the custom. By investing back into sports club members in this way you can show that you value their participation and, ultimately, their business.

Thunder Sticks & High-Five hand clappers

Get behind your team with some fun promotional props to cheer the players on from the sideline. Branded merchandise in sport isn’t just about the tools and equipment needed on the pitch, but getting the crowd equipped can have a great impact too.

Thunder sticks, or bang bang sticks, are a great way to drive engagement from onlookers and get them making some noise. A great fun little promotional gift suitable for any outdoor and sporting event, that can be fully customised with your logo or advertising message for increased brand awareness. The nature of the product means that they have the ability to be seen by hundreds, or even thousands, and as such a budget-friendly option they can be used as a great advertising tool at little cost.

A firm favourite at any event or sports match for making some noise and giving applause, these promotional high-five hand clappers are the perfect way to inject some fun whilst offering an unmissable advertising opportunity. The crowd will love them, and your corporate image will benefit from the great branding area on the front panel. With a great selection of vibrant colours available, you can really make sure that your hand clappers stand out from the crowd!

Looking to prepare for your next sporting event with some high quality promotional merchandise? Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you out.

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