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Branding Strategies for Startups

Posted By: Holly Burgess
Branding Strategies for Startups

A brand strategy can help a startup business focus on values and an identity. Here are a few tips to understand what a branding strategy is and why you need one!

Brand building is a critical part of your business, whether you are a well-established company or just beginning in your industry. Having a brand strategy enables you to set out values and messages, giving your company an identity and even a personality. At Outstanding Branding, we understand the need for a strong brand when it comes to your company and what needs to be done to achieve it. If you’re a new startup business, here are a few tips on why you should have a branding strategy in place!

What is a branding strategy?

Creating a brand for your business is essential when it comes to the perception of your company in the public eye. Branding and marketing are two very different things and are equally as important, but the first encounter any potential customers have with your company will probably be via its brand; this is often what creates the first impression.

A branding strategy is so much more than just your logo or website. Your brand must create a sense of how your brand will be perceived by existing and potential customers, so that when they see your company, they know exactly what to expect.

A branding strategy could be everything from conveying your unique selling point to creating a visual identity.

Why do you need a branding strategy?

Many startup companies may not want to invest time and money into creating a brand early on but this is mainly due to concentrating on other things such as a business plan and educating yourself on the market you are entering. Being a startup can be difficult enough! However, being a startup with clear branding could help you focus and provide substance to what you are doing. A strong brand provides consistency, drives the reputation of your company and deliver a strong start for your business.

Having a branding strategy within your business can ensure you are telling your story in the best possible way. It encompasses brand identity, brand promise and brand experience, ensuring that both employees and customers know what they are getting from your company when they deal with you.

Branding is an on-going process that often needs updating and reinforcing as new products or services come on board; it is important that your branding is kept as up to date as possible and taps into the world around us. To help with your branding strategy, check out our promotional products that will certainly help with the visual aspect of creating a brand for your company!

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