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How Custom Corporate Products are a Popular Strategy for 2016

Posted By: Holly Burgess
How Custom Corporate Products are a Popular Strategy for 2016

Businesses will always be looking for new ways to help their strategies evolve, whether they are improving an existing element or incorporating a new approach. Read on to find out how corporate products are playing their part.

Often companies will look at new ways to revamp their business strategies for the upcoming months, whether they incorporate a new element or build on something that they already do. Breathing new life in your strategy, be it a marketing strategy or something else, is a great way to bring fresh ideas to your company and allow your company to navigate down new paths and continue to grow and develop.

Corporate products have been around for some time now, probably most known for being given out at trade shows and conferences, but they are so much more than just a freebie once you start putting some real thought behind it. Including a corporate product or gift as a business strategy could end up being very profitable, not only in a monetary sense but in terms of customer retention, brand awareness, and perception too.

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What can a corporate product do for your brand?

In terms of brand strategy and ensuring your brand is always growing in the direction you want it to, corporate products can act as a huge boost. While we have been familiar with the idea of a free promotional pen for the last 10 years, corporate and promotional products are now so much more than that. In 2014 there was nearly £1 billion spent on promotional merchandise.

It is now a popular strategy because of how well it can reflect on your own business, including your brand and even your customer service. It is a proven fact that promotional products can increase brand awareness; in 2014, 83% respondents of a survey carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association said that they could recall the name of the company featured on the promotional product, with 95% of these respondents admitting that merchandise of this kind increases brand awareness.

Customising your corporate products

Whether you are giving out an incentive for staff or a gift for a long-standing client, you can personalise it and add that crucial extra touch. By either putting your own branding on the product, or adding extra value by incorporating something personal to the recipient, you are ensuring you are demonstrating your understanding and interest in them. There is such a large range of products out there that you have the ability to appeal to different company cultures and themes.

As brand perception increases and improves, so does the possibility of an increase of sales and an altogether boost of your business. At Outstanding Branding, we can offer you great quality products and branding to suit any purpose!

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