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8 Essentials For A Fully Branded Office

Posted By: Holly Burgess
8 Essentials For A Fully Branded Office

Branding your office could be a brilliant way of increasing productivity and creativity in your workspace and it could have a positive impact on employees and clients alike.

The office is the hub of working life, and so it is important that you take a moment to improve the surroundings that you spend your time in during the working week. This may not seem so vital, but branding your office can have positive impacts on the employees, clients and the space itself.

branded office

Bringing brand imagery into the workspace can improve the well-being of staff, increasing their productivity and creativity. It can be said that surrounding your staff with the company’s brand, or related images, provides them with a stimulating environment that allows them to work better. A study by the British Council for Offices in 2014 revealed that 54% of respondents felt as though the corporate culture they worked in didn't support their well-being. An office needs to be a positive and uplifting workspace and we believe this can be done through branding.

Having a branded office offers a sense of uniformity and is the first impression a new employee or client will have. For this reason, your office can look even smarter and consistent as well as creative and therefore more appealing. If you are placing your employees in a vibrant, branded office, you are promoting the company’s philosophy and providing a visual representation of the company’s character.

But what is the best way to brand your office and what is too little or too much? Outstanding Branding have the perfect solutions to ensure you have a fully branded office for your employees and clients.


Branded pens have been around for what feels like forever, but there’s a reason for this. Pens are often scattered around the office, given out at corporate events or subtly left behind at meetings with clients. Having a pen branded with your company name or logo is a simple and effective way to start with branding your office.


Every employee will need a notebook. Whether they are making notes, organising their workload or meeting with clients, you can guarantee that a pen and paper will be present. Having a collection of branded notebooks for your employees implores a sense of regularity, as well as looking consistent across the office. Branded notebooks will also create a professional appearance.


Cups of tea and coffee are almost a necessity for hard-working employees. Why not subtly add a logo to company name to your mugs? This is another way for you to add a branded element to your office and adding some imagery to the workspace while your staff ensure they are alert for the day ahead.


If you’re looking to not only brand your office but also keep it that bit tidier, branded coasters are the answer. Adding to the consistency of your creative office, the idea of having coasters could also improve the appearance of your desk and add a visual element in an understated way.

Sticky Notes

In any busy office, sticky notes could be integral for employees to keep up to date, scribbling down little reminders. Subtly branded sticky notes could promote an idea of the company’s creativity. In any workspace it is important to be aware of your workload and a stack of branded sticky notes could be the way to go.

Power Banks

In a very technology-driven world, employees could require extra power devices to keep essential equipment running. Whether they are on the go, in a meeting with a client or simply sat at a desk, power banks with your company’s logo stamped on it gives off a strong sense of professionalism and can keep your employees’ productivity levels high.


Another method by which staff can keep themselves highly energised and organised is to use a calendar effectively. Having a branded calendar, whether it be an individual calendar for each employee or a large calendar up on the office wall, will add to the branding of your office nicely. This extra branding will stand out and have a visual impact on staff.

Mouse Mat

A mouse mat is an office item that is sure to brighten up your desk as you sit at your computer working away. This is a great way to add branding to your office and can add something different to the layout of your workspace. A branded mouse mat is something that will be noticed by staff and clients alike and adds a nice touch.

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