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How to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

Posted By: Rob Watson
How to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

As a real estate firm, it can be difficult to find your place in the market amongst multiple competitors. Making sure you’re marketing yourself well is a crucial part of any business, but it can be particularly helpful for real estate agents to give them a chance to stand out from the crowd. Taking the time and effort to improve internal marketing and creating the right strategies can give your real estate firm a better chance of success.

Marketing is a guaranteed way of driving website traffic and generating leads, if it’s done properly. Here at Outstanding Branding, we offer an insight to help you get your real estate firm on the right path with a few marketing ploys, including promotional products.

Tackling lead generation

Improving your real estate marketing begins with the very basics. For example, ensuring your office looks great can ensure you’re making a good first impression to prospective clients. Whether your clients are buyers or sellers, they will no doubt be looking at several real estate agents, and you’ve got to make sure you’re doing everything you can to win that business.

However, you must also consider your website when trying to bring in new leads. Your site should be converting visitors into real prospects; that comes down to the usability and navigation of your website. Designed to a high standard, you should be able to collect information and chase leads, in the hope of gaining new business. Making it easier for your customers to do business with you is key.

Word of mouth is still important

A lot of business is still done through recommendations and word of mouth; while the internet is incredibly important to bring in new customers, you can’t beat someone coming to you off the back of a good review.

Referrals and repeat business accounts for 82% of all transactions for real estate agents, so it’s something that should be included in your marketing strategy. Starting a referral programme or simply just remembering to ask your customers to leave a review can have a huge impact.

92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends with no question, so word of mouth still has an effect on the success of your firm.

Using promotional products

Using unique methods to appeal to your target audience is a great way of standing out from the crowd. Promotional products are a much more personal way of reaching out and ensures your customers feel appreciated. It can also show off your firm’s personality and let your clients know exactly who you are.

Whether it’s a quirky gift, or something you know will come in handy, including promotional products as part of your existing marketing strategy could push you to the next level.

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