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Improving Patient Engagement in the Healthcare Industry

Posted By: Rob Watson
Improving Patient Engagement in the Healthcare Industry

Patient engagement is crucial in the success of a healthcare provider, but how do you improve it? Find out how you can make little changes to your offering that make a big difference.

Patient engagement is becoming an increasingly more popular and important aspect of the healthcare industry. A term used to describe a patient’s knowledge and willingness to manage their own healthcare, patient engagement is merely when a patient becomes actively involved in the healthcare decision-making process. It has been shown that those who take a bigger interest seem to have better outcomes, and an overall more positive experience with their healthcare provider.

Similar to the concept of consumer engagement within the business sector, it’s a crucial part of any industry and creates opportunity for improvement. It is possible that the healthcare industry has realised that patients must be a more involved part of the overall process in order to remain successful. With our ability to find out everything at the click of a mouse, the same expectations are being put on industries around the world to ensure we have the right information at the right time.

Enhancing patient experiences

Investing your time in improving patient engagement isn’t just a requirement; it can be a long-term strategy to enhance healthcare services. Offering some modern changes to the way the healthcare industry works, you’ll find that patients will be more willing to work with you rather than against you.

Bringing your healthcare firm into the 21st century, you’ll reach a wider audience by using the right platform to communicate with them. Even healthcare needs a little bit of marketing to help send out the right message. Thanks to the industry being so widespread, from GP surgeries offering check ups to hospitals that carry out major operations, improving patient engagement could sound like a big job. The priority is enhancing your patients’ experience with you, whether you are a nurse or a surgeon; for this, there are endless opportunities.

How do you engage patients?

Encouraging patients to get involved not only benefits them, but will benefit you too, so it’s in your best interest to bring them into the process one way or another. In healthcare, communication is key. Implementing measures such as sending appointment reminders via text or email communication not only reduces the number of wasted or missed appointments, but will let your patients know that you care. 93% of adults would prefer a doctor who offered email communication.

Making resources more accessible will also improve patient engagement, as they feel much more involved. For example, allowing patients to access their medical records will result in a more positive experience between patient and healthcare provider.

Promotional products can play a huge part in a healthcare provider’s efforts to engage with patients. Free giveaways in the foyer of the doctor’s office, or incentives to follow a healthier lifestyle will get patients involved and help you to work better together. Likewise, you can use promotional products to help personalise an event that brings everyone together and raises awareness of particular illnesses or conditions. Offering an educational side to your service as well as fulfilling appointment duties will set you apart and allow patients access to important resources.

If you’re looking for a way to engage with your patients and improve your service, consider promotional products within your marketing strategy and see what difference it could make!

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