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Industries That Should Invest in Custom Face Masks

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Industries That Should Invest in Custom Face Masks

With face masks now mandatory in supermarkets, shopping centres, banks and post offices to go with the rules already in place surrounding public transport, many businesses are now considering how they can prepare in advance of any future legislation on their industries.

This month’s blog post from Outstanding Branding discusses the different industries that we think should be looking to invest in their own custom face masks.

While the majority aren’t currently obliged to supply face masks by law, we will be exploring ways in which the masks can make a positive impact on their business and help them to reopen smartly in this ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in.


Back on the 15th June, the coronavirus lockdown in England took further steps to normality, as “non-essential” shops were given the green light to reopen.

After more than two months of only the bare essentials such as supermarkets and pharmacies being open, the rest of the retail sector were finally ready to lift the shutters once again.

Of course, these reopenings came with some key restrictions, as the country continued to try and keep the COVID infection rate low. Limits on customer numbers and social distancing were enforced, and in July, customers were told by the government they must wear face masks in shops.

However, the law didn’t change for the workers in the shops, with face masks remaining optional for them. Despite this, many shop workers do still feel safer wearing masks, and companies encouraging their staff to do so can help to further decrease the risk of infection for both staff and customers.

One way of encouraging your shop staff to choose to wear a mask is by providing a high quality, reusable mask to them, and making it an optional part of their uniform. A branded face mask in particular can be effective, and will also help customers to identify staff members when they need assistance - while previously they might look for a uniform or name badge, a face mask can be equally effective in this way as part of the “new normal”.

shopping trolley on an aisle


During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many office workers have transitioned into working from home. However, as of 1st August, the government advice on working from home is changing and workers are now being encouraged to go back to their place of work, if it’s safe to do so.

While it isn’t compulsory for employees to wear a face mask in an office environment, there are many benefits to be had in doing so. Many people may not yet feel comfortable with the thought of heading back to the office and mixing with others outside of their household, and therefore may feel more at ease when taking extra precautions - such as wearing a face covering.

With this being said, it’s a great idea for employers to help ease their staff back into their normal routine by providing branded face masks. Should they be readily available to staff who wish to wear one, it’s a simple way to make them feel more comfortable while at work. Printed with your company logo, companies get the added promotional benefits from a workforce that feels safer and more comfortable wearing their free face mask that they’re likely to continue to wear out of the office and on their commute to and from work.

Hotels and private accommodation

Good hotels are known for the complimentary items that you can find in your room. Soaps, shampoos, snacks… these are all things that you would commonly expect to find upon visiting a good hotel. We expect face masks to become part of this list, in the same way that towels and robes are provided free of charge.

Before we get into the promotional element of providing visitors with complimentary masks, first and foremost, it’s the moral thing to do and it reflects well on a hotel as an establishment if they clearly have the right preparations in place. This can be coupled with encouraging the visitors to use the masks when they are travelling around the premises, in the restaurant, bar or even walking through the lobby on their way out.

Tourists out and about using the complimentary masks gifted to them by their hotel, that flies the flag for the hotel and gets the name out there.

Private Healthcare

An industry that we foresee as being in long term need of face masks is private healthcare, of all sizes and specialities. While private hospitals providing medical procedures will still be required to use disposable masks during surgery for example, during lower risk face to face consultations branded face masks could go a long way towards ensuring the staff look professional at all times, and reassure the patient that they are both in safe hands, and receiving the heightened service expected from going private.

For smaller practices like hearing specialists a set of reusable company face masks not only represents a way to ensure the staff appear smart and uniform, but could also save them money in the long run versus buying a large stock of disposables. Unfortunately many of these practises have been closed throughout lockdown, and so as they begin to reopen again any cost that can be saved will be a welcome sight.

As these smaller practices also generally tend their services to an older demographic it is important to reassure those who have previously been shielding that every measure has been taken for their safety. A sleek, well fitting and obviously well made mask will inevitably inspire more confidence in a nervous patient far more than a more “messy” looking disposable mask.

Finally, a common advantage that all medical practitioners can find in having their own custom masks made is that of comfort. Unfortunately there is only so much that a doctor of any kind can do at a distance, meaning they will have to wear masks all day long in order to get close to their patients. With disposable masks this can often lead to discomfort thanks to the less than ergonomic straps used to secure it. With custom masks, these straps are often wider, softer and less noticeable over long periods making them far more comfortable for those who will be wearing them all day every day.

man hands food to customer using face mask


Now that everyone in the UK is able to go back and visit their favourite restaurants, it feels like the country is slowly getting back to normal. However, we mustn't get carried away with this as there are still restrictions in place and rules we must follow to prevent a potential second wave from occurring. 

Firstly, wearing a face mask is essential for employees who are working on shift, whether they’re in the bar or in the dining room, it’s crucial their employer enforces this. Not only to protect the customers but to keep the employees safe from potentially interacting with someone then spreading that across the working environment. 

Furthermore, employees should be given a mask or two at the start of every shift as it can get very warm when working in a hot environment and the masks themselves only last for a few hours. Being given an extra mask is not only wise but the most sensible thing to do as it’s further keeping the employers staff safe.


The reopening of gyms has been a hotly debated topic as the UK’s lockdown has begun to unwind. On the one hand they provide an essential way for millions to get out, exercise and keep their bodies in a fit healthy condition. On the other hand, they also present a big risk in terms of the spread of COVID 19. You breath heavily and sweat in the gym (at least you do if you’re doing it properly), and this combination of bodily functions can contaminate the equipment around you. One way of mitigating this is with a facemask.

Buying a gym membership often comes with some form of promotional gift; a branded water bottle, gym bag or item of clothing for example. In 2020 we expect to see facemasks becoming a regular addition to this list of swag. This is because wearing masks in or around the gym will become a necessity, and also provides the gym with another great outlet for their promotional campaigns.

Beyond the purely promotional nature of custom facemasks, gym goers may find themselves in need of high quality masks as disposables simply are not comfortable to train in. With custom reusable masks you can invest a little more in them and reap the rewards of better moisture wicking and comfort. If as a gym you provide your clients with this helpful little addition to their gym bag, it will increase customer loyalty and help you to keep your training rooms busy at all times.

Spectator sports

The Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport is currently liaising with the relevant authorities of the nation’s biggest sports, including the FA and the ECB, to plan for the return of spectators to their fixtures.

It is widely reported that one of the prerequisites to the return of supporters will be that everyone inside the stadium wears a mask. As well as being sat or stood in predetermined, socially distanced areas of the ground, spectators may very well have to wear masks when they are back inside the stadium.

There’s a merchandising opportunity here, as you can customise and brand your face mask to suit your team’s colours. They’re worn in support of the team, just as they would wear a scarf! It also pays to be prepared and by offering masks to those who may have forgotten theirs will help keep fans in good spirits.

Tourist attractions

As further restrictions are eased over the coming weeks and months, People are allowed to make up for lost time and begin visiting spots they love the most with their friends and family. Fun and exciting this is, it’s important that whatever tourist attractions you decide to visit are providing masks before you decide to visit. 

The government of course would love everyone in the UK to have fun, however, they want you to stay safe as well so that not only you’re protecting your friends and family but also other people you may not know. 

The country has to stay united in this difficult period we are currently in. Attractions that should be supplying masks are for example zoo’s, shopping malls and many more where you’re interacting with other people.


The guidance regarding workplaces has continuously said that if you can work from home, you should continue to do so. Whilst that ensures many office workers will be able to work with a reduced risk, many industries of course are unable to work in the same circumstances.

One such industry is that of manufacturing. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, factories have remained open and fully staffed, producing essential products for the public. However, in many instances, the way factories work means it can be difficult to effectively social distance and remain “COVID-secure”. 

One way of helping to keep infection risk low in a manufacturing workplace, enabling staff to feel both safe and valued, is to supply your workforce with reusable, branded face masks.

face mask


The travel industry is one that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, with stats showing the demand for flights might not return to pre-COVID levels until 2023.

Despite this, a number of people are keeping their heads up and still travelling abroad to try and enjoy holidays as best they can, with the government announcing a large list of safe countries that don’t require a quarantine period on return.

With the wearing of face masks compulsory during flights, a branded mask makes for an effective promotional merchandise opportunity. Providing them to passengers on boarding will ensure everyone is able to comply with guidelines, and with them being reusable, they’ll use them on-going, offering your branding more public exposure.


As the beauty industry has finally been given the go-ahead to reopen with all services resumed, clients are encouraged to wear a face covering to their appointments. With nail, hair and beauty treatments all requiring therapists to be in close proximity to their clients, it’s in the interest of everyone’s safety that these extra measures are taken to reduce transmission.

This opens up a great opportunity for salon owners to get their hands on their own branded face masks for customers to use whilst in the salon, and then take home after their appointments. 

Should a client forget to bring their own mask along, having the opportunity to purchase a salon branded one is both a great way to stay protected, and offer some advantageous promotion for a local beauty business when worn outside of the salon.

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