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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Merchandise to Keep Well With #TeamOB in 2021

Posted By: Liz Young
Merchandise to Keep Well With #TeamOB in 2021

No matter what your reasons January is always a time to focus on well being and good intentions.  Whether it is to stay hydrated, take 10,000 steps a day, watch Joe Wicks PE lessons or make healthier choices the entire world will start the new year with good intentions and this year seems more important than ever.

#TeamOB is no different, this month they are walking from OB HQ in London to Italy to “visit” our talented designer Antonio.  With this epic adventure in mind the team wanted to put together an incredible range of products which not only promote health (physical and mental) but can also be used by fitness professional to promote their business or re-opening of gyms.  Maybe you would like to encourage your teams to look after themselves during these …..

Below are just a few of the products we can offer from OB, we can decorate everything and what would be better than having your logo or company name promoting being the best version of yourself?!

Technology & Equipment

Outstanding Branding can help you choose promotional merchandise and well being that can fit into any budget or brief.  Perhaps you want to send something small but offers maximum impact with fitness results and branding and these Resistance Bands are perfect;

a set of 5 bands to continually improve strength and are widely used in multiple sports!

Making Your Steps Count

Making 10,000 steps a day is a popular goal any January but none more so than during the pandemic.  Make sure your team are getting their steps in using this incredible range of Pedometers.  Be bold and bright with the Carmel Pedometer and choose a colour that fits your brand guidelines, or something simple yet effective like the Linville Flip Down Pedometer which you can screen print your logo and message of encouragement on top of!

Music to Move To

Music can make or break motivation during a run, walk or even the working day.   Earphones that can be used through out a work out or even a mindful meditation will always be gratefully received.  We have a wide range of ear phones including ear buds, Bluetooth and that can fit to any smartphone too!

Give the team a call to see what can be digitally printed using the latest techniques – branding that will be music to your ears #sorrynotsorry

Stay Hydrated

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated and also how important it is to use a branded water bottle.  But how hard is it to remember to drink 2 litres or 8 pints of water a day? What if we said #TeamOB could help with that? (of course we can 😊).

With the widest range of promotional drinkware in the U.K. not only can you print your logo on a bottle you can make it even easier with “how much to drink” artwork!

Sports Bottles

Evelyn boasts an 800ml capacity that makes it the perfect all day companion for those who wish to stay hydrated.

Or why don’t you take hydration up a drop #seriouslynotsorry with this incredible product which combines the humble water bottle and technology;

Wearable Technology

Clothing & Textiles

Get your company name on a hoody and your brand can be seen by hundreds if not thousands! If you check out clothing on the OB website you will be able to find everything from base layers to keep you warm on frosty morning (or even a thermal travel cup Thermal Tumbler) right through to a branded Alpha Fitness Towel to swipe off the sweat of success;

Available in a range of colours, with space at the bottom of the towel to add your promotional branding this towel is also super absorbent!

Mental Health

An area of our health and well being that has more focus than it ever has, moving your body and looking after your teams, friends and family is more important than ever.  #TeamOB understands this and want to help.  As well as #ColourClara we can also offer a range of products which can be used in corporate health kits such as notebooks, notepads and sticky pads to record goals and achievements or used as Journals

Perhaps you want to help the challenge of home schooling whilst also working from home with these colouring pencils Colouring pencils with company branding to show you understand the new challenges that this “normal” may bring.

You can pop all of this into a branded bag, be it a simple single colour printed tote bag through to this amazing branded rucksack!


Then, when it all gets too much then pop on a branded eye mask Eye mask


Because a rest is as good as a holiday!

To discuss these products or anything promotional or even to find out if #TeamOB have made it to Italy yet just email

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