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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Outdoor promotional products to utilise this summer

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Outdoor promotional products to utilise this summer

Promotional products fit the bill for a huge variety of purposes, and we’ve discussed this at great length over the past year-or-so’s worth of blog articles.

It is also worth considering the different seasons and the impact they can have, not only on the trends within the promotional product sector, but how receptive people are to different items at different times of the year.

This article discusses the most effective outdoors promotional products for the summer months.

Promotional drinkware

promotional drinkware

Naturally, people are more inclined to keep hydrated during the summer months and this gives you a golden opportunity to step in and fill that void with your branding.

It is the season that generally sees an increase in outdoor sports activity and exercise as people look to make the most of the better weather. So, the usage of promotional products such as sports bottles and protein shakers is expected to increase accordingly. These are products that can be used as part of a strategy for a wide range of businesses; despite the common misconception that they will only work for the sports industry, we have seen big success rates when sports bottles are gifted to staff to use in their own personal time.

If you’re planning, or attending an outdoor event this summer than promotional drinkware can play a big part in solidifying your branding. Mason jars are an on-trend, unique item that can be stored and used at the event with attendees free to take them home at the end. In addition, why not compliment your drinkware with corresponding branded coasters to complete the set? Holding an event with your own branded drinkware is bound to look professional and impress.

View our full range of promotional drinkware here.

Branded Parasols


Making the most of the summer with an outdoor event is the key time to invest in bigger and better promotional tools that provide a real purpose. 

Branded parasols are the perfect addition to summer parties, events and outdoor sports tournaments as not everybody wants to spend the whole day under direct sunlight, so offering a place of shelter to your visitors is essential. The great thing about parasols is that they provide a huge advantageous branding area to perfectly fit your corporate branding and logos - in full view of everyone in attendance!

It’s a great way to shout about your business and keep your outdoor area fully on-brand by incorporating your key colours on the canopy. Invest in some durable, sturdy parasols and they should last you a long time, meaning you can re-use them event after event for a one-off cost.

View our full range of branded parasols here.

Promotional clothing

Amazon Prime Day t-shirts An epic day and a half of deals, Amazon Prime Day kicks off at midday on Monday 16th July and runs until midnight on Tuesday 17th July. Pictured at the Hemel Hempstead fulfilment centre, Amazon associates prepare for Prime Day.

With the temperatures rising it makes sense to provide your staff with attire they can work comfortably work in. Looser fitting t-shirts provide you with all the branding space you need to maximise your logo, whilst ensuring your staff continue to look professional all year around. 

Promotional headwear can also be utilised during the summer months, caps are traditional summer clothing items that will give your staff some much needed shade when the sun is shining. Of course, these clothing items can also be utilised as part of a promotional giveaway campaign too.

This can be especially important for businesses that operate outside. Outdoor activities in the sports and entertainment sectors would benefit from these products during the warmer months.

View our full range of promotional clothing here.

Cooler Bags

cooler bag

Cool bags are bound to be used throughout the summer months if the weather is good. They can be used to chill drinks or food, making them a great investment if you are looking to stage an outdoor event in good weather.

Of course they are no substitute for physical refrigerator units and if you are hosting a large scale event that is serving refreshments in bulk then cool bags may not be enough, but for last minute refreshments this is an item that is great to have around the office.

At Outstanding Branding we stock the traditional box-shape cooler bags that can fit up to six cans inside, as well as additional paper bag and tote coolers for easy packing.

View our full range of promotional cooler bags here.

Golf Accessories

a man playing golf

We have an entire section on our website dedicated to branded golf products and, as you may expect, this range is at its most popular during the summer months. More people take to their local courses to enjoy the weather or enter social tou

Golf is a traditional and effective form of social networking, and people enjoy it so much because it gets you outdoors and away from the draining office environment. If you’re a serious golf networker, why not invest in a set of branded golf balls or a customised polo shirt to show the competition you mean business? Additionally, you could invest in a branded umbrella to ensure you’re never left caught in the rain.

View our full range of promotional golf products here.

Promotional gazebos

festival gazebos

Hosting or attending an outdoor event this summer? Promotional gazebos are the perfect, practical addition to any sporting event, festival, show and more.

Branded gazebos provide a sturdy shelter to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, while also offering a fantastic advertising space for your company. We’ve all seen them at festivals and events, with businesses splashing their logo over all four walls of their gazebo to entice you to their information stand or to grab some of their free goodies.

The simple reason behind this is because it works. It’s bold, effective marketing at it’s finest. After all, if your corporate branding doesn’t get noticed when printed on 4 metres of PVC, when else will it stand out?

Not only are they a great way to keep your self-hosted event entirely on-brand, but promotional gazebos also offer a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors at any exhibitioning show too. Snatch the custom away by grabbing their attention with a bigger, better more attractive looking stand, fill it with exciting promotional merchandise to give away and you’ll have the upper hand.

View our full range of promotional gazebos here.

Promotional outdoor games

beach ball

Summer is all about making the most of the outside games and activities that are otherwise unattractive in the rainy UK weather, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the season with some fun promotional games and accessories.

From flying frisbees to beach balls and bat and ball games, there is a whole host of fantastic outdoor games that make a nice little addition to any holiday whether that be at the beach, camping or a fun day out. 

A cost-effective way to add some interesting merchandise to your upcoming seasonal marketing campaign, with fun gifts that can all be branded up with your corporate logo. Customers will appreciate the thought and effort that went into these nicely timed gifts, and we can bet they’ll be set for some family fun in the sun, with thanks to you.

Promotional bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for the summer months. Lighter nights and impromptu BBQ’s in the sun all call for playing your favourite tunes at the highest volume to get the party started.

Promotional technology giveaways are a great way to wow your customers and convenient, hassle-free products such as bluetooth speakers are sure to leave a lasting impression. After all, it’s not everyday that they will receive a truly useful and impressive promotional gift that isn’t a standard biro pen.

From mini speakers to 2-in-1 portable speaker and powerbanks, there are plenty of options to suit different budgets, all serving the same great purpose. A particular favourite for the summer is a waterproof bluetooth speaker that takes the worry out of being near the pool or on the beach, safe in the knowledge that a splash of water here and there won’t hurt it.

So, if you’re really looking to give your next marketing campaign the edge, invest in some high-quality, durable bluetooth speakers and brand up with your logo to create a promotional gift that will blow your customers away!

View our full range of promotional bluetooth speakers here.

Branded sunglasses


We find it hard to think of summer without thinking of sunglasses, they’re perhaps the most typical item for the season and are universally liked by all. Here at Outstanding Branding we stock a wide range of sunglasses, some with additional gimmicks, some without, to meet a range of differing needs.

Traditional one-size sunglasses are the staple of the range and are available in a wide variety of bright, vivid colours. Additionally, you can also invest in sunglasses that come fit with a bottle opener if you are aiming for a different target market. The pinnacle of the range is undoubtedly the range of bluetooth sunglasses which boasts a 2-in-1 combination of bone conduction and Bluetooth technology. With fantastic stereo sound and a comfortable ergonomic design, these glasses and headphones in one are an absolute must-have. All sunglasses including branding space on the side.

These products are ideal for holiday companies, festivals and child-orientated work.

Looking to invest in high quality promotional merchandise to grow your marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you out.

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