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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Plastic-Free Promotional Items: The Best Products for You

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Plastic-Free Promotional Items: The Best Products for You

Launching an eco-friendly marketing campaign? Or simply want to help do your bit for the environment?

Whatever your goal, plastic-free promotion is the way to go for demonstrating your environmental responsibilities as a company.

The ever-expanding selection of eco-friendly promotional products available means it’s easier than ever for companies to implement high quality, effective branded merchandise into their marketing campaigns whilst reinforcing their environmental policies.

Check out our recommendations on the best sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly promotional merchandise for your business...

Compostable Sweet Pots

The confectionery industry is one that produces a lot of plastic waste, thanks to the packaging and wrappers that aren’t recyclable, and end up straight in your general waste bin, and later, landfill.

However, there’s still ways of using sweets as a promotional marketing tool, while keeping an eye on your company’s environmental impact.

As well as stocking brandable tins of chocolates and biscuits, the packaging of which can usefully be reused, we also have many types of miniature sweet pot.

Our sweet pots are uniquely environmentally friendly. Whilst they look like plastic, they’re actually made 100% from plant-based materials, and as such can go into your green or food waste recycling, where they’ll fully compost in less than 12 weeks. Our pots can be filled with a variety of sweet treats, including mint imperials, chocolate beans and Millions, and are the perfect way of making an impact with potential customers, while taking care of your environmental responsibilities. 

plastic free promotional items such as sweets

Paper Stationery

Stationery is one of the most popular methods of using promotional merchandise in brand marketing, and it’s especially great for targeting those who work in an office environment.

Looking at plastic free methods of marketing specifically, there are many types of paper-based stationery that will definitely find a long-term home on someone’s desk, with a high usability and retention level ensuring prolonged brand exposure.

With products including notepads and sticky notes, there are plenty of options that will go down well with the recipients. We also stock paper products made 100% from recycled materials.

Our recycled paper range features not just notepads and notebooks, but also all-in-one sets that include things such as pens, rulers, and sticky notes, all packaged together in one recycled box.


A great gift that is sure to be long lasting with a high quality is some promotional glassware.

We supply a wide range of different types of glasses, all of which are fully brandable to make a lasting impact.

We have multiple glass bottle options, perfect for holding water in meetings or at events to give off an important on-brand feel. We also stock individual glasses in display boxes, perfect as more executive-style gifts - this includes whisky tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and shot glasses.

We also stock gift sets, including a pair of shot glasses and a small decanter, stored in a satin lined presentation box.

All of these are great examples of being able to make a classy impact with your clients or potential leads, while keeping firmly away from using quickly disposed-of plastic items.

logo on pint glass

Eco Umbrellas

Umbrellas are perhaps the most necessary accessory to own, living here in the UK. The unpredictable weather means it’s crucial to be prepared for sudden showers at all times. Many of us can probably agree that an umbrella has been our rainy day saviour on more than one occasion, which means that we would be more than grateful to receive one as a freebie, right?

As promotional products go, umbrellas are up there with some of the most highly valued, useful items available. It’s a bit different from your standard free pen, for both the giver and receiver, as it has the potential to make a huge impact branding-wise due to its usability and visibility. 

Not all umbrellas are made equal though, so we would highly recommend checking out eco-friendly promotional umbrellas to make a bigger, better impact. Made with recycled material, opting for an eco umbrella is a great way to promote your environmental ethics as a company while doing your bit to create a happier, healthier atmosphere.

Personalise with your corporate logo and key advertising messages to really shout about your brand and turn your environmentally friendly umbrella into a positive walking billboard for your company on each and every use.

Eco-Friendly Bags

Ditching plastic bags has become more important than ever before. With a single plastic bag taking around 10 - 1,000 years to decompose, they are proving a real threat to the ecosystem and environment around us. 

A simple solution to reducing this impact is to invest in eco-friendly, reusable bags as an alternative. As more and more of us make a conscious effort to reduce our plastic bag usage, this offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to take advantage and introduce these products as a tool to aid their marketing efforts.

Reusable bags are practical, convenient and are sure to always come in handy - encompassing all of the major features of an effective promotional product and reducing the chances of it simply being discarded.

For businesses passionate about reducing their impact on the environment, and encouraging others to do so too, reusable promotional bags are the perfect place to start. Whether you choose to simply gift to important clients or put to use as promotional packaging for goody bags to give away at networking events, promotional bags can always play a part in your next marketing campaign.

From canvas shopper bags to insulated tote bags and foldable eco bags, here at Outstanding we offer a great range of promotional bags made with a selection of environmentally friendly materials, and all are reusable and recyclable. The extensive range of styles and designs available, along with our personalisation options offer the chance to create a great, on-brand promotional product which is sure to help towards effectively boosting your company profile while adhering to your environmental policy.

View our range of promotional eco-friendly bags here. 



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Refillable metal stationery

Let’s face it, cheap plastic pens are seen as disposable. They’re used for as long as they work and then they are thrown away as if they never existed at all but the thing is, while companies are constantly looking to make their operations more sustainable, stationery is often forgotten about in this process.

Metal pens aren’t new to the market. If anything they are a traditional product, one that has been around well before the rise in single use plastic but despite that we are seeing a resurgence in popularity as offices look to transition away from products that impact their carbon footprint.

As they are made from a more expensive material they are often fitted with a refillable ink capsule, and herein lies the sustainability of these promotional products. Where you would have previously binned your biro, you can now refill the pen with recyclable capsules and continue to use it for years to come.

The uses of branded stationery include office stock, gifts to staff and giveaways as part of a promotional strategy. Personalised pens are one of the most popular forms of product promotion and you need only think back to your most recent event or trade fair to think about how many were distributed. If you are looking to make a commitment to sustainability, then the additional cost could well be worth it.

View our range of promotional metal pens here.

Branded clothing

We can get so obsessed with giveaway items (which do of course serve a purpose!), many of which containing plastic, that we can sometimes lose sight of the fundamental products that are staring right at us.

Branded clothing has a reusability factor like no other. Give your staff a notepad, or some headphones, and they may or may not use them - but a branded hoodie will be worn around the house, to the gym, to work and so on and so forth.

Not only does the recipient get much more out of the product but it could be argued that there is a high chance of the item being passed on, or down, once the recipient is finished with it. This sort of repeat-use ensures that the product stays in circulation rather than ending up in a landfill somewhere.

Generic clothing materials such as cloth and cotton are one of the easiest to recycle or repurpose. If you can combine the use of branded clothing with a strong company ethos on recycling and sustainability, one that encourages your employees to see more value in their old clothes, then you'll have some assurance that your products are going as far as they can.

In summary, if you want to invest in items that have an impact over a longer duration then branded clothing could be something to consider.

Outstanding Branding branded t-shirt

Here at Outstanding Branding you will find a wide and extensive range of eco friendly, sustainable products that you can implement as part of your promotional campaign. We pride ourselves on being able to help businesses on their journey towards becoming a greener business, utilising ethical, green products both in the office and out.

Want to find out more about what we do at Outstanding Branding, or how we can work with you to improve your promotional product marketing? Speak to our team now by calling 020 3142 6700 or click here to send us a message.

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