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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Promotional Strategies for New Businesses

Posted By: Holly Burgess
Promotional Strategies for New Businesses

Starting up a new business can be a challenge in itself, but when it comes to promoting your brand and getting enough brand exposure to ensure you are successful, it can be even harder. With so many businesses out there all vying for the spotlight, you’ll want your fair share of business and customers.

In order for new businesses to get off the ground effectively, they must put a number of strategies in place. Here at Outstanding Branding we’ve compiled a few ideas for your promotional strategy to help your business get a good start.

Social media

Social media is forever growing and is now one of the most effective ways to create some hype around your brand. With it being a more direct way to promote your products or services, using various social media platforms can increase your audience and reach more people than ever before. Social media is often seen as a direct marketing tactic, getting in touch with people on a more personal level. Blogging can also come under this umbrella; informing people of your business and other industry news.

Product giveaways

Giving away your products may seem counterproductive to a new business trying to get their feet off the ground, but product giveaways allow potential customers to sample a product. Enticing customers towards a new product could result in a surge in business for you; and if not, your giveaway could become its own advertisement for your business. If you give away branded products that are useful and relevant to your target audience, they will no doubt then be used in public, therefore creating more exposure.

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Point of sale promotion

The point of POS displays is to provide convenience and instil the idea of an impulse buy into the customers. If you have the type of business that allows for a point of sale then this could catch the attention of the customer and increase sales, having an all-round positive effect on potential future business.

Attend events

By attending an event or conference or even holding your own can result in great brand promotion. Placing yourself at a relevant event can increase exposure and create a networking opportunity to meet clients, customers or even other industry leaders in order to gain knowledge.

Sponsor an event

While this may require a bigger budget, sponsoring something like a sports event can put your business right in the spotlight and create some hype around your brand. You could even incorporate product giveaways with this to really give your brand a huge push.


Branding can play a big part in new businesses starting up, in terms of their appearance and message to the public. If you need branded promotional products to give your new business a boost, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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