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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

Promotional Technology: Unique, cost-effective branded merchandise

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Promotional Technology: Unique, cost-effective branded merchandise

The technology industry develops rapidly, and shifts from trend to trend with new products created at a rapid pace.

This is great news for companies with a marketing strategy that includes promotional merchandise, because promotional technology offers us all the chance to add our logo and branding to genuinely useful products that buck the trend of pens, t-shirts and tote bags.

Here are a selection of cost-effective promotional technology products that you can utilise as part of your marketing campaign.

Wireless Chargers

When investing in promotional merchandise, it’s important to consider just how useful it will be to the recipient. After all, the usefulness of the product will determine its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Wireless chargers can be perfectly targeted to a whole variety of different target markets such as students, business people, or just  about anyone with a smartphone.

In today’s digital age, we’ve become a nation who hates anything wired. They’re untidy, get tangled easily and a bit of an inconvenience when you’re on-the-go. With wireless chargers, there’s no need to worry about having a spare USB charging lead to hand or a nearby socket, you’re simply good to go with the handy product itself.

Wireless chargers come in a great range of styles - from sleek charging phone case designs to charging plates, docks and stands all making the perfect desk accessories. All of our wireless chargers have great branding areas available, ensuring that your corporate logo is at the forefront of this simple yet effective promotional product. Your clients will love this useful gift, and will never go a day without a flat battery or on-the-go emergency ever again.


If you truly want to impress potential clients, you’ll have your best chances at doing so when thinking outside the box. Branded headphones are a unique promotional gift that you don’t see too often, which makes them a great product to add to the mix if you want to ensure your company stands out against competitors.

People use headphones more often than you’d probably notice, whether it be to accompany them during their gym sessions or to block out the hustle and bustle of their daily commute on the train. The cool thing about promotional headphones is that they’re available in a whole range of styles, so you can tailor them to suit your target market.

If your marketing campaign is aimed at fitness fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts, they might love these Bluetooth headphones or earphones, with the ease of connectivity to their music playing device without any messy wires. Similarly, students or school children will appreciate how neat and compact this earphones case with keyring is, super handy to throw in their book bag or coat pocket.

There is a range of headphones or earphones to suit everybody, and some great branding options available to maximise exposure of your corporate logo. For a promotional gift which is fun, unique and comes in handy - branded headphones are a great choice.















Promotional technology offers a wide range of innovative products through which you can impact your target audience, and branded speakers are no exception. USB speakers can create a significant impact across younger target audiences at schools, colleges and studios - especially with music students, who will no doubt put your promotional product to good use.

Branded speakers range drastically in shape, size and function but each product offers a unique promotional opportunity. The Cone BT Speaker, for example, would not look out of place in an office environment supplying an entire department with the soundtrack to their day. Meanwhile, there are also products like the miniscule Sonic Bluetooth Speaker. These smaller speakers boast high-powered rechargeable batteries, making them a promotional product to be taken on-the-go (thus decreasing the cost-per-impression on these items.)

Another point to consider is their usefulness as part of your strategy at an upcoming trade show. Playing music can attract visitors over to your exhibit, so why not do so through a branded speaker to add that extra degree of professionalism to your set up?

USB Accessories

In the age of technology, portability and mobility are everything as people commute with their devices on a daily basis. In fact, it could be argued that one of the greatest innovations in technology has come in the form of the USB cable and port - bringing us a device that allows for quick compiling and storage of data.

USB accessories extend the capabilities of those who work on-the-go, providing them with more some handy tools to store memory, recharge and more.

If you’re reading this at your desk, take a look at your PC - it’s almost guaranteed that you will have unused USB ports. Through promotional USB accessories you can offer the recipient useful extensions to aid them throughout the day. USB Flexi Lights are an example of this, providing immediate illumination for those late-stays in the office.

On a smaller scale, USB products can be integrated into office wear with the Lenny Lanyard Charging Cable. With charging capabilities around the neck of all of your staff, they are carrying the power to remain functional on the go.

With so many office devices relying on USB data transfer you are staring at a golden opportunity to place your company logo in the heart of a potential customers’ place of work.

Power Banks

A lot of phones don’t have a great battery life, and if you’ve been out all day without access to a plug socket, you might find your power is dangerously low. It might be an option to carry your charging cable around with you so you can plug it in when you get the chance, but this isn’t always possible.

A power bank is a great alternative, meaning you can carry around a pocket-sized charger that doesn’t require a plug socket. You can use your phone absolutely anywhere, whilst it’s on charge. The power bank is charged separately, in the same way you would usually top up your phone battery, and essentially acts as an emergency battery. When your phone needs some extra power, simply plug your portable power bank into it, and away you go!

This is a high quality, thoughtful gift that will make you stand out amongst your competitors. It comes across as a premium product for the recipient, and can only leave them feeling favourable about your brand.














Premium technology: SmartWatches, VR Headsets & More

There are some great ideas listed above - after all, people will always use phone chargers and headphones. They’ll help you to stand out with your promotional merchandise, but you can still take it further. There’s a whole variety of technology based gifts available that won’t have even crossed your mind, and if you want to put yourself out there as forward-thinking, unique brand, these will help you greatly.

Some products you’ll have heard of, such as virtual reality glasses. These are becoming a more common gadget, offering the ability to use your smartphone to play 3D VR games, watch specially created video content and more. Even better, they’re available for adding your logo to the front of them to make great branded merchandise.

Another popular option is the LCD Smartwatch, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to check notifications, play music and more from your wrist. Again, with space on the strap for your branding, this is a great choice for your promotional merchandise.

A more unique option is the Bluetooth Sunglasses, which as well as protecting your eyes from the sun, offer hands free calling and headphone functionality. Another useful idea is the Chipolo Key Finder, a brandable electronic tag that rings when you’ve lost it - all you need to do is activate it via the app, where you can also see where it was last seen on a map.

And if you know someone who is really into their health and fitness, you can help them to keep track of their water intake with the Ulla Smart Water gadget. Again, this is fully brandable, and is attachable to any water bottle, triggering reminders to drink water when it detects you haven’t for a while.

using virtual reality headset















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