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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

The most effective promotional merchandise for 6 business sectors

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The most effective promotional merchandise for 6 business sectors

Branded merchandising is the process of using branded products to increase the awareness of a business and its services. In this piece we will talk you through some of the industry sectors that utilise promotional products effectively, giving you a run down of the different types of merchandise they use and how they integrate them into their overall marketing efforts.


Construction firms face tough competition and there is a constant battle for contracts, so promotional products can play a key role in brand representation.

In last month’s blog post we touched on the exposure that branded clothing can bring, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more relevant example than in the construction industry. With hundreds of workers carrying out their daily tasks in gear printed with a logo or branding, it reinforces the link between their firm and the industry.

Promotional merchandise for the construction industry

Here are some of the best branded clothing and accessories for construction firms:

High-visibility waistcoat

Hi-vis clothing has become an integral part of workplace uniform across the country, and this is particularly important in the construction industry, where the safety of all working staff is paramount. High-vis jackets are often worn for the entirety of the working day, and are often kept on when workers travel off-site for lunch. This makes them an industry specific product that gets seen by both current and potential customers.

Lunch Box

Construction workers can be gifted with a branded lunch box to use, or a lunch cooler for workers’ lunches to be placed inside. Gifting workers with a branded item can have a positive impact on employee retention.

Travel bag

Durable bags for workers’ belongings will be a well received promotional gift, as they offer employees a product with a genuine day-to-day use. As they will be used on the daily travel to the construction site, they drastically enhance a firm’s promotional outreach.

Law, legal & finance

The legal field is a highly competitive one, with a large number of law firms battling for business in every town and city.

To stand out from the crowd when trying to bring new clients on board, it’s worth remembering that everyone else out there will be handing out business cards. They’re useful, low-cost items that will ensure your contact details are easily accessible, but when everyone else hands these out, they can become easily lost in the flood of prospective firms.

We’re not saying you should ditch the business card completely - it’s an important way of making sure potential clients have an easy way of contacting you, but make sure it gets to the top of the pile by combining it with a promotional gift.

Branded merchandise for the law and legal industry

Here are some suggestions:

Branded pen

A branded pen isn’t the most original choice of promotional gift, but it’s a cost-effective option that will definitely be used by the recipient. A low cost plastic pen with your logo on can make a good impact, but an even bigger impact can be made with a better investment.

Premium metal pens are also available to be completely branded up, and make for a more elegant, high quality gift. A free pen is always an appreciated gift, but one with a unique design and style is always going to give a positive impression.


If your law firm covers business law, chances are the clients you’re targeting will have offices, making it a great place to send stationery to. Anyone who has a desk job knows just how useful a notepad can be at times, to scribble down anything important, or take details while on the phone.

As such, sending out a promotional notepad is a great idea. Add your branding to the pages to ensure maximum exposure to your logo while the recipient uses their gift.

Laptop bag

Another great one for potential business law clients, or for your own staff to carry around to maximise your brand. A laptop bag is a handy day to day item that is used constantly for those who work on the go.

Again, this is a more high-cost item, but with some top quality printing and a range of convenient and stylish options, it’s more than worthwhile.


Whether you work in web design or marketing, the digital sector has a lot of scope for great promotional merchandise. You need gifts that tell people exactly what your company is all about, so some brandable technology products are the perfect addition to your branding campaign.

Promotional merchandise for the digital sector

Here are some ideas:

Memory Sticks

This has become a fail-safe, traditional option for promotional merchandise. A memory stick can always come in handy, and it’s perfect for adding your logo to, and shipping out to potential clients.

Powerbank Chargers

These days, everyone is always on the go, and something we all know too well is the fear of your phone battery dying.

A portable phone charger is ideal, and a powerbank means that you don’t even need a plug socket nearby. You simply charge your powerbank at home, and then when out and about plug it into your phone to top up the battery.

Wearable Technology

If you want to do something different with your merchandise, some wearable technology could be perfect for you.

Pedometers and adventure cameras are both items you don’t expect to receive, and you can take it even further with some innovative ideas. Help potential clients to find their keys with a branded key finder, or invite them to immerse themselves in a 360° 3D world with a personalised virtual reality headset.

Health & Lifestyle

Whether you’re a sports/leisure brand yourself or looking to appeal to those who are, your marketing efforts can be made simple with the range of promotional products on offer.

Lifestyle products are undoubtedly some of the most effective on the market. People want products that are useful and have a purpose in their day-to-day life, and the simplest of products can go a long way.

Depending on your target audience, there’s a great selection of brandable products to choose from, and ones to suit all budgets.

Branded merchandise for sports and leisure

Here are some of our top picks:

Sports bottles

Reusable water bottles appeal to just about anyone who likes to keep hydrated - and that’s the great thing about them. We’re seeing more and more people realising the benefits of reusable bottles as not only are they cost-effective, they’re also convenient, kinder to the environment and can be used just about anywhere.

Activity trackers

If you’re as serious about your marketing efforts as your staff & customers are about their active on-the-go lifestyles, why not help encourage that with something to help them on their way? Activity trackers are far from your standard promotional pen or notebook, but they certainly hold the value factor which the recipient is guaranteed to be appreciative of.

Sports bags

We’re big fans of promotional bags, and customers usually are too. They’re the perfect tool to comfortably carry all the essentials needed for any gym session or sporting event, and from a branding point of view they’re the ideal opportunity to have your logo seen on a bigger, bolder product.

Sports clothing

When working in the sporting industry, presentation is an important factor. You want your employees to have the finest bit of kit that represents your company well, so choosing high quality fitness clothing from top brands like Under Armour, or Golf Clothing from Nike, Callaway, Adidas and other big names is the perfect solution to leaving a great impression. Even better, when you’re staff are sporting the clothes out and about - they’re advertising your own brand at the same time.


Working in education, you can find some of the most perfect promotional merchandise to promote your school or other educational institution.

The great thing about these types of products are that they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase in bulk, but they can have a huge impact and leave a lasting impression. Pupils of any age will always be in need of classroom essentials, so this provides the ideal opportunity to provide them with such things, whilst also promoting your brand in the process.

Promotional merchandise for the education industry

Here are some promotional educational tools for inspiration, particularly perfect for giveaways at educational/school leaver events:

Writing equipment

Pens, pencils and highlighters will always stand as some of the most popular choice of promotional merchandise. Typically, you’ll find branded stationery in any classroom/education centre/office in abundance as they always come in useful, making them a great way to get the word out there about your brand.

Paper products

Paper always comes in handy in the classroom, in any shape or form. There’s tons to choose from in the way of notebooks, notepads, memo blocks and particularly handy sticky notes. Get your logo branded on any of these items, and you’re sure to be a constant visual reminder to the recipient every day.


If you want to do something a little different from the standard stationery items, then calculators are always a great choice. They’re a standard piece of equipment that all students usually need, but don’t necessarily want to buy. They come in handy for pupils of most ages, and are a great giveaway to help your company stand out from the crowd at any educational events.


The food and drink industry offers a unique branded clothing opportunity because there is an abundance of customer facing roles. Having your employees undertake these roles in promotional t-shirts or aprons helps cement the authenticity of your brand.

Similarly, working from a permanent premise in the form of a bar or restaurant offers great giveaway potential. If done regularly, giveaways can become a key customer retention factor for businesses in this industry.

Branded merchandise for the food and drink industry

Here are some of the best branded clothing and promotional giveaway items for the food and drink industry:


Fitting out a pub or bar with brand-specific coasters adds a degree of professionalism to your business, showing that you take pride in the decorum. Every time someone takes a sip they are reminded of where they are.

Be prepared for some of these coasters to find their way back to the home of your customers - but that is no bad thing, because all they’re doing is spreading the word for you!


With staff performing their duties in branded workwear, you get the sense of a bar or restaurant that has invested money back into making sure their employees look the part. This can have a positive effect on the customers and how they perceive your brand.

Branded mugs

Any good coffee shop will have a selection of branded mugs with their company logo printed; they’re a great giveaway product and, no doubt, the lucky recipient will take their mug to work where your company details will be seen by many more people.

No matter what business industry you’re in, there will be suitable promotional merchandise to help enhance your marketing campaigns and capture your target audience.

If you’re thinking of investing in some branded goods, but still aren’t sure exactly what products are best suited to you, get in touch with us today and our friendly experts will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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