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Promotional Merchandise for Stand Out Brands

The most useful branded merchandise for maximum exposure

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The most useful branded merchandise for maximum exposure

A huge part of any successful marketing work is the initial reach that it generates. Plenty opt to include branded merchandise as an enabler, flying the flag for their business and building brand recognition; but what are the most useful items when it comes to exposure, and how are they best used as part of an overall campaign?


Have you ever gone a whole day without having some sort of drink? Whether that be a hot coffee to wake you up in the morning, or a bottle of water to keep you hydrated during your commute to and from work, you probably drink more than you realise. The same applies for the rest of the population, we’re always drinking - and we need something to drink out of.

As a nation, we’ve realised the impact that plastic water bottles and single-use paper cups have on the environment, so we’re doing our best to change our ways. This is why we’re seeing more reusable water bottles and travel mugs than ever before. However, not everyone is going out and actively buying these items, opening up the opportunity for companies to gift them.

We don’t know many people who would turn their nose down at being given a quality, useful gift such as a reusable water bottle or plastic mug which is what makes it such an effective marketing tool. By investing in branded drinkware and gifting them to staff, customers or using for giveaways at events, you’re easily maximising your brand exposure as you know they’ll be getting used. Not only will this serve as a constant visual reminder of your company to the recipient, but also to anyone around them who may also catch a glimpse of your logo.

Phone chargers

You’re probably more likely to win the lottery than you are to find someone without a mobile phone. Almost everyone has everything they need at the tip of their fingers, whether it’s directions, messages, or shopping. But everyone seems to have the same problem - if you’re out all day, all of that activity is going to drain the battery down!

In the evenings, phones end up tethered to a wall socket, but in the day time, when you’re out and about, how can you ensure your phone remains topped up? Power banks have stepped forward to become one of the most useful products around - it’s another device you charge up, but once done, it almost becomes a backup battery. You can pull it out of your bag or pocket and plug it into your phone, which will then charge as normal, only you can do it no matter whether you’re indoors or outside.

An even more convenient option is that of the wireless charger. If the idea of pulling out a power bank and attaching a cable to your phone sounds a little bit fiddly, you can charge up a wireless power bank beforehand, meaning all you need to do is turn it on, and place your phone on top of it.

Of course, these are hugely useful items, and it’s something companies looking to expand their brand marketing can capitalise on. Both types of charger can be ordered with bespoke printing, meaning businesses can send them out to potential customers. It’s an item that will get a lot of regular use, keeping your branding fresh in the memory of the recipient.


Where electronics have almost revolutionised the way we approach promotional merchandising, Branded & Promotional Clothing have been a focal point of what we do right from the very start.

In terms of exposure, you needn’t look further than workwear to appreciate the impact that promotional clothing can have. Take the humble hi-visibility waistcoat as an example. Printing your company’s logo or branding on to them helps get your name out there, and as employees wear the clothing on the job, it reinforces the link between your company and the construction industry, for example. The same can be said for coats and overalls - durable, industry-specific products that are seen every day by both current and potential customers.

Different industries offer different opportunities for exposure, and in the world of business we are receiving more and more enquiries for branded clothing products that can be worn at conferences and trade fairs. As you may imagine, the most requested product here is a branded t-shirt. Simple and effective, they help trade share goers to stand out from the crowd by clearly advertising who they are and where they’re from. Furthermore, they promote everywhere they go. Whether an employee is on the train or walking down the road, they’re highly visible representations of your brand and a solid investment overall.



Undoubtedly, the easiest way to place your brand right in the centre of an office is through promotional stationery. Complimentary bits and pieces like pens, pencils and notepads are timeless classics that are bound to be used by whoever you give them to. The bigger your collection of promotional stationery, the greater the impact on brand recognition you will have. Having your employees present at meetings with branded equipment is a great look for a company that wants to project itself as professional and prepared.

The cost-per-impression on stationery can be incredibly effective; it is said that the average office worker has five promotional items on their desk at any one time, and when you add to that the fact that these items are passed around and shared with colleagues, you can get an idea of just how much promotion a simple pencil can do for you.

At trade shows or expos, we find them to be infinitely better than a business card. We mentioned in our blog post “Branded Merchandise: The Forward Thinking Way of Marketingthat promotion merchandise overall has become the ‘business card of the 21st century.’ Essentially, business cards are going straight into the drawer while an item with a practical use holds value.

eco-friendly branded pens and pencils


It’s highly unlikely that we’re ever going to lose the need for bags in our lives. The nature of the bag means we use them every day, we see them everywhere and we’re pretty sure that everyone owns at least one type of bag. We use them to take books to school, lunch to work, a change of clothes to the gym and for so many other different purposes.

Due to the introduction of the 2015 plastic bag charge in the UK, we’re seeing more and more people opting to use reusable bags or bags for life to carry their shopping home from the supermarket too, which is great. But, what would be even better? Well, if your logo was printed on one of them very bags.

From shopper bags to rucksacks, and laptop bags to cooler bags, there are so many different options to get your company logo splashed on a useful item like this. For example, if your sports related business is attending an event with the target audience being sports-mad school-goers, we’d recommend getting some branded drawstring bags and handing them out. There’s a great chance they’re bound to come in handy when taking their P.E. kit school, and you’re on to a quick winner.

Whichever way you look at it, there’s a huge marketing opportunity to be had with promotional bags where you can essentially turn the recipient into a walking advertisement for your own brand each time they’re spotted using it.


Living in the UK, we’re all very much used to the downpours of rain, but despite the regularity of them, we all still find ourselves getting caught out, whether we’ve left our brollies at home or made an ill-informed decision to not wear a coat.

This is where branded merchandise comes into play. Umbrellas are a fully brandable gift option, with them available in fully bespoke colours and patterns to compliment the printing of logos and brand messaging.

Typically, when umbrellas are used as promotional merchandise, they’ll end up being kept in the potential client’s office, and when one of those “rain emergencies” come around, it’ll come into use. Not just an extremely useful backup, but once out there on the street during a shower, your branding will be seen by passers-by, both walking and driving past.

We stock several types of umbrella, allowing you to choose the perfect bespoke product. As well as golf umbrellas, we also distribute telescopic umbrellas, and tote umbrellas, great for discreetly packing away.


Promotional merchandise is such an effective way of increasing your brand marketing efforts. While people used to hand out business cards (which would typically end up in the bin), useful, branded up items are being given as an alternative.

The fact they have some use means the level of retainment is so much higher - merchandise will be kept around and used regularly, meaning the all-important brand exposure is maximised.

Want to kick start your brand marketing with some promotional merchandise? Browse our range now.

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